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Road markings in Singapore - Identify, understand and follow the law
27 Sep 2021
A complete guide on the road markings in Singapore for new drivers (and a refresher for seasoned drivers).
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Fewer cyclists hurt in accidents, more caught breaking rules
13 May 2019
Road accidents involving bicycles resulting in injury or death has fallen, but on average, four cyclists a day were caught flouting traffic rules in 2018.
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Private-hire car services could be suspended if drivers flout rules
11 Jan 2017
Private-hire car services could be suspended for up to a month if their drivers are found to be operating without proper licences and insurance.
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Passengers, belt up quickly, or else...
04 Jul 2016
A cab passenger who was fastening her seat belt as the vehicle was moving off, will share the blame for injuries she suffered when the taxi hit another vehicle.
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40km/h speed limit alert outside primary schools by 2019
04 Jul 2016
More than 170 of the 187 primary schools islandwide will have flashing lights signalling 40km/h limit during peak hours by 2019.
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Changes to the Road Traffic Act that will affect road users
28 Jan 2015
The amended Road Traffic Act will kick in from 1st February, which includes restricted use of mobile devices when driving. Here are some points to take note of.
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New regulations to prevent touting of bus services
16 Dec 2014
New regulations under the Road Traffic Rules will prevent private bus drivers from touting their services, and will kick in from 1st January next year.
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Singaporean drivers who flout rules repeatedly risk being blacklisted
13 Nov 2014
The Malaysian authorities have been working on a system to blacklist repeat traffic offenders from Singapore and block them from driving into Malaysia.
New strategies announced for safer roads amidst increasing rule violators
08 Mar 2013
Higher traffic police road presence, increased red light cameras and higher emphasis on road safety programmes are some strategies for safer roads here.
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Motorists in China are unhappy with changed traffic light rules
04 Jan 2013
In most countries yellow means prepare to stop while red means to stop completely. China however, has a different interpretation of the lights.
What you should know about driving while on the phone
01 Sep 2007
Everyone knows that using your handphone without a hands-free set and driving at the same time can be fatal. What else is there to know about this then?
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