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Lamborghini Urus traveses the Umling La Pass 5,880m above sea level
13 Oct 2021
A Lamborghini Urus has just proven its mettle by traversing the highest drivable road at the top of the Umling La Pass in India.
Lamborghini celebrates 15,000th Urus
21 Jul 2021
The landmark makes the Urus the highest produced model in the Lamborghini's history in the shortest amount of time since its launch.
Lamborghini's Esperienza Giro rediscovers China's spectacular landscapes
12 Jul 2021
42 Lamborghini supercars embarked on a five-day, 800km journey across the picturesque northwestern region of China.
Celebrating the Lamborghini Countach's 50th anniversary
30 May 2021
The Countach's legendary stylistic elements influenced the design of the various models that have followed in its legacy.
Stuck at home? Feed your wanderlust with these gorgeous pictures of the Lamborghini Urus' expedition through Japan
28 May 2021
The 'Unlock Any Road: Japan' project exhibited the beauty and dynamism of Japan, while demonstrating the absolute versatility of the Urus.
Lamborghini announces roadmap for electrification: 'Direzione Cor Tauri'
20 May 2021
Lamborghini will launch its first hybrid series production car in 2023, and the entire range will be electrified by the end of 2024.
Three premieres for Lamborghini at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show
21 Apr 2021
If you're in the market for one, you might have just missed the rare opportunity to see the firm's very best all gathered in one location.
A Lamborghini Urus sets a high speed record on the icy surface of Lake Baikal
25 Mar 2021
As proof of its capability and performance, a Lamborghini Urus has set a new high speed record of 298km/h on the ice surface of Lake Baikal in Russia.
Lamborghini Urus and a thrilling Esperienza Dinamica in Russia
10 Jan 2021
Nine Lamborghini Uruses, a Russian forest, and no one else around for miles. Welcome to Lamborghini's Esperienza Dinamica in Karelia, Russia.
Lamborghini presents the Urus Graphite Capsule
29 Sep 2020
Lamborghini is creating distinctive new opportunities for expression in colour and trim with the Urus Graphite Capsule.
Stefano Domenicali leaves Lamborghini
28 Sep 2020
Automobili Lamborghini has announced that Chairman and CEO Stefano Domenicali will leave his position leading the Italian super sports car company.
Lamborghini celebrates the 10,000th Urus
23 Jul 2020
Lamborghini celebrates the 10,000th Urus produced, bringing the company to a new production record just two years after its introduction.
Lamborghini presents the Urus Pearl Capsule
19 Jun 2020
Automobili Lamborghini presents the Urus Pearl Capsule, unlocking new adventures in colour for the Lamborghini Urus.
Lamborghini achieves historic sales record for 2019
17 Jan 2020
With 8,205 cars delivered to customers around the world in 2019, the Italian super sports car brand has set another historic sales record.
Lamborghini Christmas Drive celebrates a successful 2019
23 Dec 2019
The Lamborghini Christmas Drive of 2019 concludes an extraordinary year for the firm where sales, turnover and profitability reached unprecedented levels.