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Vauxhall reveals new Corsa-e Anniversary Edition
21 Jun 2022
Vauxhall has released a new Corsa-e Anniversary Edition that comes with four pairs of socks to celebrate 40 years of Vauxhall superminis in the U.K.
Vauxhall gears to manufacture electric vans at Ellesmere Port facility
08 Apr 2022
The plant will get a $178 million investment to transform it into the first Stellantis plant to produce solely battery-electric models.
Stellantis axes combustion engines from MPV lineup in Europe
13 Jan 2022
The Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall brands are now only offering their compact and mid-sized MPVs as electric-only vehicles in most of Europe.
Vauxhall reveals all new Astra Sports Tourer
02 Dec 2021
The Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer pairs firm's sharp Vizor front with the ability to haul up to 1,634 litres of luggage at the back.
The Vauxhall Astra is one outstanding thing to look at
14 Jul 2021
The use of sheer, taut surfaces and the new Vauxhall Vizor front face make the new Vauxhall Astra a thing to marvel. But there's more that will wow underneath.
The upcoming Opel Astra undergoes testing in extreme climates
01 Jul 2021
The all new Astra went through testing in the Swedish Lapland's freezing landscapes. The resulting car is supremely controllable and safe.
Opel releases teaser pictures of upcoming all new Astra
11 Jun 2021
The redesigned Astra reinterprets the brand's design philosophy, paving the way forward for its upcoming passenger cars.
New Opel Grandland unveiled, featuring bold design and digital cockpit
10 Jun 2021
The new Opel Grandland offers a distinctly bold design language, more technology, and increased on-board levels of comfort.
Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD celebrates original model's 50th anniversary
21 May 2021
The Manta GSe is the first all-electric RestoMod by Opel, and combines the classic style of the iconic Manta with electric powertrain technology.
Images of the new Vauxhall Crossland revealed
09 Oct 2020
Images of the new Vauxhall Crossland have been revealed, showcasing the new 'Vizor' design language that Vauxhall previewed on the Mokka.
Vauxhall reveals petrol options for the new Mokka
04 Sep 2020
Vauxhall has revealed details of the advanced petrol engines that will power the new Mokka, making it ideal for both urban trips and long motorway drives.
Vauxhall Heritage announces first public exhibition
18 Aug 2020
Vauxhall Heritage announces their first public exhibition in The Culture Trust Luton, U.K., featuring 10 of the brand's most iconic cars.
Vauxhall unveils new all-electric Mokka
26 Jun 2020
Vauxhall unveils the new second generation Mokka with bold looks, a high seating position and emission-free electric drive.
Vauxhall tests the Mokka to production readiness
18 May 2020
Vauxhall tests the new next-generation Mokka on the road to production readiness in the Arctic winter in of Swedish Lapland.
First camouflaged images of the Vauxhall Mokka revealed
27 Apr 2020
Vauxhall has released its first camouflaged images of the all new Mokka as it starts its initial testing with its engineering teams.