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Volkswagen to introduce new EV at CES 2023
29 Dec 2022
Volkswagen will be introducing the latest addition to its fully electric family of cars on 4 January 2023 at CES 2023.
These are some of the upcoming cars we cannot wait to get our hands on
19 Aug 2022
Cars can either make or break our day, especially in a job like ours. Here are some upcoming cars we can't wait to drive, just to make our day more interesting.
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Take the Volkswagen ID.4 for a virtual test drive on Pinterest
16 Jun 2021
Incorporating a 360 degree view of the ID.4, the initiative is a first for the social media platform, and digitalises the car shopping process.
Volkswagen delivers first electric cars to Greek island
09 Jun 2021
Over the next five years, through the partnership with Volkswagen, Astypalea will be transformed into a smart, sustainable island.
Volkswagen ID.4 range expands with addition of 52kWh battery and two new motors
15 May 2021
Both new variants of the ID.4 are powered by the same 52kWh battery system and capable of covering 338km on a full charge.
The Volkswagen ID.4's intelligent energy recuperation concept
17 Dec 2020
With electric cars, maximum energy efficiency is its main goal, and the ID.4's concept is to convert waste kinetic energy into electrical energy.
Volkswagen Group commences MEB production at Foshan and Anting plants
02 Dec 2020
Local production of the Modular Electric Drive Kit is now underway at Volkswagen's Foshan and Anting facilities, with an annual capacity of up to 600,000 units.
Volkswagen reveals its ID.4 electric SUV
24 Sep 2020
The Volkswagen ID.4 has made its world premiere, offering up to 77kWh of battery capacity for a range of up to 520km.
Volkswagen reveals the interior of the ID.4 electric SUV
05 Sep 2020
The Volkswagen ID.4's interior delivers ample space and a simplified design, with high-effect lighting and sustainable upholstery materials.