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Volvo partners with Luminar to develop self-driving
10 May 2020
Volvo partners with tech firm Luminar to provide their LiDAR perception technology for safer self-driving vehicles.
Volvo Cars to accelerate autonomous technology development
06 Apr 2020
A new joint venture between Volvo Cars and Veoneer will see both parties building and developing autonomous driving systems.
Volvo acts to mitigate COVID-19 impact
23 Mar 2020
Volvo Cars announced production closures in a bid to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 virus and ensure the health and safety of its employees.
Volvo Cars calls on UN delegates for road safety equality
23 Feb 2020
Volvo has called on governments and regulators around the world to address a large inequality in road safety between developed and developing economies.
New cars of 2020
01 Jan 2020
As 2019 comes to a close, we preview all the new car models that are slated to be launched here in Singapore in the upcoming year.
Desmond Chan | 25,490 views | Features
The Editorial Team's automotive highlights of 2019
27 Dec 2019
With the year coming to a close, the sgCarMart Editorial Team look back on the year and the 10 standout cars that have delighted us in 2019.
Editorial Team | 7,361 views | Features
Volvo Cars to radically reduce carbon emissions
18 Oct 2019
Volvo Cars is aiming to reduce its lifecycle carbon footprint per car by 40% between 2018 and 2025, in line with the global Paris climate agreement of 2015.
Volvo Cars Tech Fund invests in technology start-ups MDGo and UVeye
24 Jul 2019
With both firms headquartered in Tel Aviv, this represents Volvo Cars Tech Fund's first investments outside the U.S and Europe.
Volvo Cars reports  record revenue for the first six months of 2019
22 Jul 2019
Volvo brand reaps momentum generated by an all new lineup of award-winning models, generating growth when most markets saw stagnating sales.
Volvo Cars reports record half year sales for 2019
07 Jul 2019
Volvo's SUV lineup and strong sales in China drive global sales figures, while the U.S.A and Europe continue to do well.
Volvo Cars releases armoured cars for people needing heightened protection
28 Jun 2019
Volvo is releasing new armoured cars, designed and built to provide safe and comfortable travel with a high level of personal protection for the occupants.
Volvo and Uber present self-driving XC90
14 Jun 2019
Volvo and Uber presented a jointly developed production car capable of driving by itself, the next step in the strategic collaboration between both companies.
Polestar confirms battery suppliers for its electric performance cars
16 May 2019
Polestar has officially confirmed the battery suppliers for its electric performance cars, as part of multi-billion dollar agreements signed by Volvo Car Group.
Polestar establishes research and development facility
10 May 2019
Polestar has significantly expanded its research and development capacity with the establishment of a new R&D centre in the United Kingdom.
Volvo cars to warn each other of road hazards in Europe
17 Apr 2019
The technology allows Volvo cars to communicate with each other and alert drivers of nearby slippery road conditions and hazards through a cloud-based network.