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How to prepare your car for wet weather
14 Jun 2022
The weather is still mostly hot and dry, but thunderstorms are always around the corner. Here's how to prep your car to enhance its safety.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 6,502 views | Car Ownership Advice
10 of the best comfort tyres for improved ride quality and quiet drive in 2021
27 Oct 2021
Comfort tyres or Touring tyres are suited for people who prefer an all-rounded, pleasant drive. Consider these 10 recommended tyres if you're looking for a quiet and comfortable ride.
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Best performance car tyres for the ultimate driving experience in 2021
29 Sep 2021
Swapping out your car tyres for performance tyres does not only make your car look cooler, but it also can enhance your everyday drive.
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Car crashes are always happening on rainy days! But why?
07 Sep 2021
People always seem to get into accidents in the rain, but why exactly is that so? Since everyone is already driving slower, isn't it supposed to be safer?
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Newslink, Design team | 9,624 views | Miscellaneous Advice
More tips for driving in the rain
20 Jan 2021
Here are five more simple and easy-to-use tips to ensure your maximum safety while driving in heavy rain.
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What can cause a car accident and how to avoid getting into one
21 Oct 2020
Many causes of accidents are directly linked to the driver. Here are five examples of what you should do to minimise your risk while driving.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Newslink | 9,447 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Driving in the wet is no rocket science, here's how you can stay safe
21 Aug 2020
Accidents pile up when it starts raining, driving in wet weather can be precarious, but is it really so difficult? Here are 5 things to look out for.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Newslink, Editorial Team | 13,541 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Yokohama launches the BluEarth-XT AE61 in Singapore
01 Jun 2020
The BluEarth-XT AE61 delivers sharp handling performance and wet-grip performance for popular urban crossovers and SUVs.
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Michelin's wet weather expert - the Energy XM2+
17 Jul 2019
Michelin has updated its Energy range of tyres with the XM2+, promising better stopping distances and performance be it new or worn.
Idris Talib in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia | 13,146 views | Features
Crucial points you need to know to drive safely in the rain
07 Aug 2018
Driving in the rain can be scary, but that doesn't have to be the case. Here are seven crucial tips to make driving in the rain a stress-free activity.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team | 26,703 views | Car Ownership Advice
Continental ContiSportContact 3 receives award
17 Mar 2009
Fast Car magazine awards ContiSportContact 3 for being the safest tyre
Bridgestone experts and their take on the Singapore circuit
27 Sep 2008
For any race series, competing on a brand new circuit, where none of the teams or drivers have had the opportunity to do any testing, is a huge challenge. And it's not just them, even the official tyr...
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