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Ultimate Guide to Car Insurance in Singapore (2021)
Here's all you need to know to find the best insurance for your car: we help you understand the types of coverage, terms like NCD & excess, how they affect your premiums and more.
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Pro-Jex V2D is the workshop to go for performance tuning and car repairs
09 Jan 2021
Pro-Jex V2D isn't only capable of minor and major repairs, it is also an expert when it comes to building performance cars.
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Pro-Jex V2D is the workshop to go for performance tuning and car repairs
06 Feb 2020
Pro-Jex V2D is not your usual bread and butter workshop, it isn't only capable of minor and major repairs, it is also an expert in building race cars.
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KGC Workshop is a one-stop shop that fixes all your car problems
16 Jan 2020
Do not mistake it for just a one-stop servicing shop, KGC have the capability to restore your car from the ground up, inside and out at one convenient location!
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Vin's Automotive Group is your one-stop shop for all your car repair needs
25 Dec 2019
Unsure of what you need to do after an accident? Vin's Automotive Group has you covered every step of the way with its suite of services!
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Precise Auto Service - the workshop where customers come first
23 Nov 2019
Precise Auto Service is your one-stop workshop for your car's needs, and offers a high level of customer service to ensure peace of mind.
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KGC Workshop - A trusted one-stop automotive centre
11 Jan 2018
From specialising in insurance claims to customised paint jobs and general servicing, there is little that one-stop automotive centre KGC Workshop can't do.
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Save 50 percent up front with Etiqa's ePROTECT sMiles usage-based car insurance
01 Aug 2017
With Etiqa's usage-based insurance plan, you can enjoy 50 percent savings up front on your insurance premium and save more while driving less.
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Quotigo offers trusted service and affordable insurance premiums
02 Jun 2017
Local insurance agency Quotigo is a smart choice for car owners looking for affordable premiums, quality service and assurance.
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How to get the lowest car insurance premium quotes
24 May 2017
Is your car insurance premium getting more and more expensive? Worry not, here's how you can get the cheapest, most reliable quotes from multiple top insurers!
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Autoshield - Your one-stop motor insurance provider
20 Apr 2017
If you are searching for private, private-hire or commercial vehicle insurance, Autoshield Pte Ltd promises the best rates and services in town.
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CompareKaki helps you understand your legal rights and responsibilities
24 Mar 2017
In the event of an accident, you can depend on CompareKaki's Car Accident Rally to guide you on what to do, and what can be claimed.
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Koh Guan Chua Workshop - A driver's trusted companion
30 Dec 2016
Koh Guan Chua Workshop has the dexterity to tackle car insurance issues, a dingy and faded paint job and even an engine overhaul, all under one roof.
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FWD Insurance believes good drivers shouldn't be penalised for accidents
03 Dec 2016
Not many drivers would give up a 50 percent No-Claim Discount, but we've found a way for you to make an insurance claim without giving it up.
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VBook - The only source of accurate car valuations in Singapore
19 Nov 2016
VBook by is the only platform in Singapore that provides comprehensive and accurate car valuation of used cars.
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The BlackVue DR650S-2CH in-car camera will save you money on insurance
01 Sep 2016
The BlackVue DR650S-2CH is the epitome of Cloud dash cam technology, which is why it has remote Live View capability, Wi-Fi, GPS, impact and motion detection.
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