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Why Singapore? About Hyundai's locally-built Ioniq 5, and why it's named its Jurong facility an 'Innovation Centre'
17 Jan 2023
Hyundai knows you're watching its first locally-made Ioniq 5s - and it wants you to. As it establishes the HMGICS, the brand tells us what to expect next.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Editorial Team, HMGICS | 4,253 views | Features
Our top 10 picks of the 2023 Singapore Motor Show
13 Jan 2023
The Singapore Motor Show is back and there are gorgeous cars aplenty to check out. These 10 cars, however, are the ones you should have a second look at.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 13,377 views | Features
12 cars you shouldn't miss at the 2023 Singapore Motor Show on your first walk
13 Jan 2023
From potential mass market bestsellers, to performance machines, and even cars you won't be able to buy, here are 12 cars not to miss at the 2023 Motor Show.
Clarence Seow and Mattheus Wee, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 20,973 views | Features
We get a rare opportunity to take a close look at Esatto's EMMA audio competition cars
11 Jan 2023
Autoimage invites us to its car audio enthusiast gathering session to preview its audio competition cars on the eve of EMMA Singapore 2022 Car Audio Finals.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 1,624 views | Features
Which car brands are going fully-electric? Here's everything we know as of January 2023
05 Jan 2023
Come 2030, will every carmaker still offer ICE models? We take stock of every brand relevant to us, and try to unravel what car buying will look like here soon.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Editorial Team, Manufacturers | 11,745 views | Features
Cars of 2023
01 Jan 2023
With this many interesting vehicles headed for our shores in 2023, we are all hoping COE premiums don't stay as high as they did in 2022!
Clarence Seow, Photos from Manufacturers | 21,768 views | Features
December 2022: As premiums stabilise slightly, COE supply for Cat A and E projected to increase slightly in Feb
30 Dec 2022
COE premiums have levelled out recently, as data suggests an impending supply increase for Cats A and E. Still, don't expect prices to fall sharply - if at all.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Editorial Team | 28,132 views | Features
Experiencing the Volvo brand first-hand as it focuses on quality over quantity
19 Dec 2022
Volvo Cars is more than just about its Scandinavian designs and safety systems, says Julian as he heads to Sweden to experience the brand first-hand.
Julian Kho in Gothenburg, Sweden | 5,657 views | Features
Shell - The firm that moves you
15 Dec 2022
More than just a retailer of fuel, Shell has been pushing progress for years here in Singapore. We look at some of the its lesser-known achievements!
Clarence Seow, Photos by Editorial Team, Shell | 2,658 views | Features
Is Singapore's Green Plan 2030 not quite what it seems?
08 Dec 2022
A push towards electric vehicles is a key part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, but it might perhaps not be quite as simple as it seems.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Editorial Team | 9,006 views | Features
Why is EV uptake in Singapore still so slow? Let's look at the numbers to find out
30 Nov 2022
A breakdown of both cost and profit numbers gives us a clearer understanding of why EV uptake in Singapore remains slow.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Editorial Team and IEA | 10,807 views | Features
What's next for BYD in Singapore?
25 Nov 2022
The practical, comfortable e6 has proven its cargo and people-hauling might, while the fantastical Atto 3 is now in full sail. What else can we expect from BYD?
Mattheus Wee, Photos by BYD, Editorial Team | 5,102 views | Features
Keeping the COE price under control: Should Singapore adopt a 'one car, one household' policy or a separate COE category for commercial vehicles?
28 Oct 2022
COE prices have reached all new heights in the recent times, and it could be high time for the system to be revised. Will these suggestions work?
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team | 6,844 views | Features
Is Singapore's next kei car icon this commercial vehicle?
25 Oct 2022
Taxes won't let kei cars breathe in Category A - so thank the heavens we have a commercial vehicle class here. Its latest beneficiary? The Honda N-Van.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Design Team, Honda, Low Fai Ming, Unsplash, Wikimedia Commons | 11,202 views | Features
These are some of the best RWD cars in Singapore right now
19 Oct 2022
Rear-wheel driven cars are wonderful to drive, with a great balance and possible hooliganism on the road. Here are some options you can have in Singapore today.
Julian Kho, Photos by Editorial Team, Manufacturers | 8,492 views | Features