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Bentley looks to three-year OCTOPUS research project
08 Aug 2020
Bentley looks to the future with the three-year OCTOPUS research project that aims to deliver breakthrough in electric drive.
Bentley starts assembly of Blower Continuation Series prototype
06 Aug 2020
Assembly of the engineering prototype for world's first pre-war Continuation Series, the Bentley Blower, goes underway.
St Tropez debut for the Continental GT Mulliner Convertible
02 Aug 2020
The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible will make its global debut at Cheval Blanc in St. Tropez as part of an European Summer Tour hosted by Bentley.
Bentley Bentayga enhanced with new Bentley accessories
01 Aug 2020
Four new collections of Bentley accessories are now available for customers of the new Bentayga to enhance the capability of their luxury SUV even further.
World's first 3D Wood panels available in Bentley Flying Spur
27 Jul 2020
The world's first ground-breaking three-dimensional wood rear door trim is available for the first time in the Bentley Flying Spur.
Production of the new Bentley Bentayga is now underway
22 Jul 2020
Bentley announces the start of production for the recently premiered new Bentayga as production capacity increases.
Bentley Bentayga receives Four Seat Comfort Specification
20 Jul 2020
The new Bentley Bentayga receives the Four Seat Comfort Specification, providing ultimate luxury SUV rear cabin space.
Bentelys reveals first rainbow-inspired Continental GT V8 Convertible
16 Jul 2020
Bentley reveals first rainbow-inspired Continental GT V8 Convertible, expressing support for Cheshire East's first virtual Pride event.
New Bentayga now available on Bentley configurator
14 Jul 2020
The new Bentley Bentayga is available on Bentley's advanced configurator, with up to 10 billion possible configurations per model.
New options extend the Bentley Flying Spur's luxury even further
09 Jul 2020
Bentley introduces a suite of new options for its flagship grand tourer, the Flying Spur, further extending luxury.
Bentley Continental GT family gets new features and colours
04 Jul 2020
Bentley's Continental GT Coupe and Continental GT Convertible gets new features and colours for this upcoming summer 2020.
Bentley unveils the new Bentayga
02 Jul 2020
Bentley raises the bar again with the definitive luxury SUV, the new Bentley Bentayga, offering the ultimate in power, luxury and usability.
Bentley to cease production after of the Mulsanne after more than a decade
27 Jun 2020
The Bentley Mulsanne comes to the end of its production run after more than a decade, with the Flying Spur to take over as the brand's flagship.
Bentley reveals premiere date for the new Bentayga
26 Jun 2020
Bentley has revealed the premiere date of the new Bentayga, the first car of the Beyond100 business strategy, set on 1 July.
Bentley Collection brings fantastic fun and exciting games to all ages
23 Jun 2020
The Bentley Collection brings fantastic fun and exciting games to all ages with a range of exciting and collectable products.