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The 2023 Lexus ES is set to get F Sport trim and upgraded multimedia
24 Oct 2022
The popular Lexus ES will be getting a mid life cycle refresh, which will see the introduction of the sporty F Sport trim level coupled with more technology.
Borneo Motors celebrates 55 years in Singapore
25 Jun 2022
There's numerous prizes to be won and discounts or freebies available if you head down to the Toyota or Lexus showrooms this weekend!
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This new Lexus RZ450e will be what the firm's future cars will look like
21 Apr 2022
A redesigned spindle grille, completely new steering wheel and 308bhp in the Lexus RZ450e show just what the e-TNGA platform can deliver.
The Lexus LC Hokkaido Edition is inspired by volcanoes
15 Mar 2022
Limited to 40 units of the coupe and convertible in the U.K., the Lexus LC Hokkaido Edition gets 21-inch rims and a red and black interior combination.
The Lexus NX F Sport is on display at Orchard
18 Feb 2022
Catch the new Lexus NX on display at Orchard Road this weekend and you might walk away with your own miniature model of the sporty SUV!
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This Lexus BEV Sport coupe could be what a future, all-electric LFA will look like
16 Feb 2022
Lexus has revealed the first images of its BEV Sport coupe, which it says will sport a two-second zero to 96km/h sprint time alongside a 692km range.
Lexus reveals new undisguised images of the RZ electric SUV prototype
06 Feb 2022
The first undisguised images of the upcoming Lexus RZ all-electric SUV in prototype form have been revealed. Tell us what you think of it?
Lexus IS500 F Sport Performance features in new marketing campaign
06 Oct 2021
The short clip sees Kingo understandably struggling to decide where to park his Lexus IS500 F Sport Performance, even as the world is in danger.
Lexus Singapore showcases its electrified range at VivoCity
07 Sep 2021
Look out for exclusive discounts on Lexus' electrified range while you shop at VivoCity with the Lexus Electrified Showcase.
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Ready to roll: Toyota's new Land Cruiser makes world premiere
12 Jun 2021
The essence of the Land Cruiser's defining characteristics - reliability, durability, and off-road performance have been retained and enhanced.
Lexus aims to change mindsets about texting and driving
08 Apr 2021
Lexus has released a new video that it hopes will change people's minds about texting and driving, as it is actually more dangerous than people believe.
Taking the Lexus IS Wax Edition for the ultimate spin session
29 Mar 2021
The Lexus IS Wax Edition is a custom concept vehicle unlike any other, for it comes with a fully functioning turntable to spin vinyl records while on the move.
The Lexus IS500 F Sport Performance Launch Edition
23 Mar 2021
With only 500 units of the IS500 Launch Edition available, each one will be serialised and will only be available for sale in North America.
The Lexus Hybrid showcase at PLQ Plaza
16 Mar 2021
Lexus is putting on an electrifying showcase of its hybrid vehicles at PLQ Plaza! From now until 19 March 2021, stop by the PLQ Plaza to check the cars out!
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A special Lexus IS350 F Sport inspired sneaker
01 Mar 2021
Streetwear collective RTFKT has teamed up with Lexus to create a special, one-of-one sneaker inspired and in celebration of the new Lexus IS350 F.