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MG updates the MG5 EV stationwagon for Europe
12 Oct 2021
The updated MG5 EV gets updated with a new sleeker exterior as well as the firm's new infotainment system in the cabin.
The MG Marvel R Electric goes on sale in Europe
09 Oct 2021
MG's flagship SUV, the Marvel R Electric, goes on sale in Europe with up to 402km of range and a massive 19.4-inch touchscreen in the cabin.
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MG ZS EV gets all new look and infotainment system in latest update
08 Oct 2021
The MG ZS EV has been updated with new batteries as well as a new infotainment system and a new look that is more recognisably electric.
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The MG Maze Concept is inspired by gaming PCs
24 Sep 2021
The MG Maze Concept will reward you with points as you discover new digital street art around your city just like a certain app that was the craze a while ago.
The Mercedes-AMG EQS53 4Matic+ is AMG's first series production all-electric car
10 Sep 2021
The first series production electric vehicle from Mercedes-AMG will offer up to 751bhp and 1,020Nm of torque with Race Start mode.
The MG5 EV is finally in Singapore (and no, not just as a Strides Taxi)
04 Sep 2021
Third time's the (electric) charm: MG is adding its handsome and well-rounded MG5 EV stationwagon to its duo of SUVs in Singapore.
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Mercedes-AMG GT 4 Door gets 831bhp plug-in hybrid drivetrain
02 Sep 2021
Affalterbach's first plug-in hybrid model gets ridiculous 831bhp drivetrain pushing out 1,400Nm of torque, and a 12km all-electric range.
Step aside SMRT Taxis: Strides Taxi debuts new name alongside new electric taxis
31 Aug 2021
SMRT's previously announced electric taxis are officially hitting our roads - alongside SMRT Taxis' new name moving forward, Strides Taxi.
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Mercedes-AMG Project ONE stars in Forza Horizon 5 showcase
26 Aug 2021
Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios has showcased Forza Horizon 5 gameplay with the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE 'Forza Horizon Edition' as the star.
Grab one of SMRT's upcoming electric taxis and you could save on your fare
09 Aug 2021
Transport group SMRT has announced that its first electric taxis, comprising of MG5s, will reach Singapore by August 2021.
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Race for Good: Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes announce joint charity initiative
01 Aug 2021
Ignite will work on attracting diverse talent to the motorsport industry through STEM education and enrichment opportunities.
Mercedes-AMG pays homage to the Red Pig with three ready-to-race cars
30 Jul 2021
All three race cars are ready-to-race one-offs with a livery that recalls the iconic looks of the 300 SEL 6.8 AMG that secured victory 50 years ago.
The updated MG5 EV offers great value-for-money
25 Jul 2021
On top of an attractive design silhouette, the MG5 EV promises exceptional mileage while being loaded with advanced safety technology.
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Mercedes reveals the new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupe
03 Jul 2021
Customers will get to choose from an extensive selection of individualisation options while enjoying exceptional driving dynamics.
Superbike manufacturer Ducati presents the MG-20 e-bike
03 Jul 2021
Like Ducati's superbikes, the new MG-20 is exceptionally nimble and light, boasting a fluid and aerodynamic profile.