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Peugeot's i-Cockpit celebrates 10 years in use across the brand's range
17 Mar 2023
Debuting on the first generation 208 supermini, the concept has gradually evolved while retaining three core pillars.
Peugeot launches the 408 here at the 2023 Singapore Motor Show
18 Jan 2023
A stunning fastback body meets a new i-Cockpit and a 128bhp engine in the Peugeot 408, now available here in Singapore.
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Peugeot launches the avantgarde 408 First Edition
15 Oct 2022
The Peugeot 408 First Edition will be limited to just 50 units in the U.K., and will be sold exclusively via the Peugeot Buy Online platform.
Peugeot's brand new model, the 408, isn't a sedan nor an SUV
22 Jun 2022
Described as 'disruptive' and 'inventive', the all new 408 is set to hit international markets in 2023 with a mix of petrol engine-only and PHEV drivetrains.
Peugeot to reveal new 408 come June 2022
01 Jun 2022
Peugeot has revealed a first teaser of a new 408 model, said to combine an SUV with the silhouette of a dynamic fastback.
Peugeot reveals the 408
28 Jan 2010
Peugeot has revealed the 408 sedan, which is based on the 308 and will be built and sold exclusively in China