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Polestar 2 gets more power in latest update
25 Jan 2023
Dual-motor variants of the Polestar 2 now get rear-biased power delivery, while single-motor variants are now rear-wheel drive.
Hertz and Uber to bring more electric vehicles into European capitals
22 Jan 2023
Both firms have announced a new collaboration to bring up to 25,000 electric vehicles to Uber drivers in European capital cities by 2025.
The Candela C-8 is an electric hydrofoil powered by the batteries of the Polestar 2
19 Jan 2023
Polestar and Candela have revealed a new C-8 electric hydrofoil, which gets its power from the same battery and charging technology as the Polestar 2.
Polestar set to meet 2022 global volume target
12 Jan 2023
Polestar has announced that it delivered a total 21,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2022, placing it on schedule to deliver 51,500 cars for the full year.
Polestar vehicles gain latest Google technology
07 Jan 2023
The Polestar 3 is set to get a new Google HD map to enhance its autonomous driving tech, while the Polestar 2 gets new Google Assistant compatibility.
Polestar opens new head office at Bicester Heritage
24 Dec 2022
Polestar has opened a new U.K. head office at Bicester Heritage, with a new space at Polestar Bicester to open in January 2023 to customers.
Polestar to demonstrate Smart Eye at CES 2023
19 Dec 2022
Polestar and Smart Eye will demonstrate the Polestar 3's driver monitoring system at CES 2023, which takes place in Las Vegas.
Polestar releases second limited edition of the CAKE Makka electric moped
16 Dec 2022
Polestar and CAKE, a Swedish manufacturer of premium lightweight, electric mopeds, have revealed a second limited edition of the Makka moped.
Polestar has produced the 100,000th Polestar 2
25 Nov 2022
The Polestar brand has reached a significant milestone, having built the 100,000th Polestar 2 two years after the start of production.
Polestar obtains $2.2 billion in financing support from major shareholders
07 Nov 2022
Volvo cars is also providing a $1.1 billion 18-month term loan to Polestar, which is on par with the support it is receiving from PSD investment.
We get an early look at the new Polestar 3
17 Oct 2022
The new Polestar 3 comes with loads of battery capacity and an even more impressive power output. We get an early look in this video feature!
Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System to feature in new Polestar 3
17 Oct 2022
The new Polestar 3 will feature a Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System with a 25-speaker system and Dolby Atmos capability.
The all new Polestar 3 officially unveiled
13 Oct 2022
The all new highly-anticipated Polestar 3 has been officially unveiled in Copenhagen, Denmark, going head on with high-powered electric SUVs in the market.
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Polestar 3 to premiere on 12 October 2022
29 Sep 2022
The Polestar 3, which is expected to make its global debut on 12 October 2022, will boast the latest in high-tech components and advanced safety systems.
Polestar Singapore launches seven-day EV experience
26 Sep 2022
For $1,000 a week, Polestar Singapore is offering customers a first-hand experience of Polestar ownership through a seven-day Polestar trial.
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