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Porsche specialists Marc Gemballa and RUF enter collaboration
22 Feb 2021
Marc Gemballa is creating a 959-inspired supercar, and he will be collaborating with RUF Automobiles to develop a befitting engine of the project.
Ruf unveils the Rodeo Concept and the first production SCR
10 Mar 2020
Ruf unveils the Rodeo Concept, the first off-road car that utilises a carbon fibre monocoque chassis, alongside the first production example of the Ruf SCR.
Jaguar paints the streets of Singapore with Evan Woodruffe
23 Nov 2018
Jaguar brought vibrant colours and personality to the streets of Singapore with an E-PACE embellished with the work of contemporary artist Evan Woodruffe.
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RUF Automobile creates official presence in the U.K.
12 Jul 2016
RUF Automobile is pleased to announce the opening of a representative office in the U.K. in partnership with founders of car brokerage company, The Car Spy.
Specialised Automobiles reintroduces RUF locally
27 Mar 2015
Specialised Automobiles has reintroduced renowned German car maker, RUF Automobile, in Singapore with a spanking new showroom.
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Porsche tuner RUF makes a comeback
02 Mar 2014
Porsche tuner RUF will return to Singapore under the dealership of Specialised Automobiles, which has already sold more than seven of the exclusive Porsche.
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Ferrari burst into flames at Penjuru
27 Feb 2013
A Ferrari burst into flames on Penjuru Road this afternoon. The driver escaped when he saw smoke emerging from the engine.
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RUF RGT-8 transplants V8 engine into Porsche 911
23 Mar 2010
Porsche specialist tuners RUF has unveiled its latest creation, the RGT-8, which features the first V8 engine in a Porsche 911.
RUF presents the Porsche Cayenne-based eRUF Stormster Electric Vehicle
13 Dec 2009
At the European Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, German-based Porsche tuner RUF has unveiled the eRUF Stormster EV, pointing to the future in electric car technology