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OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition phone launched
14 Dec 2018
McLaren and mobile phone company OnePlus unveiled the new OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition at 'Salute to Speed' at the McLaren Technology Centre.
Nonda products available for purchase through MyCarForum Marketplace
05 Dec 2018
Nonda, the leader in app-enabled automotive accessories, is now available for purchase through the MyCarForum Marketplace.
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Nonda ZUS products worth up to $1,101 to be won
16 Nov 2018
Take part in our November sgCarMart contest by answering questions about AXTRO Sports and stand a chance to win car accessories worth up to $1,101.
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Nonda: The Smart Car Technology that keeps your car healthy and saves you money
15 Nov 2018
Nonda is a smart hardware startup with a mission to provide app-enabled devices to improve the lives of people everywhere.
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System to give buses priority at traffic lights on trial
01 Nov 2018
The Smart Bus Priority System is currently on a six-month trial and can prompt traffic lights to change in the buses' favour.
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ST Engineering wins $7.5m 'smart lamp posts' tender
13 Oct 2018
ST Engineering has won a $7.5m 'smart lamp posts' tender, which will see the company fit them with sensors and cameras that can collect a wide range of data.
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LTA tests smart control system in bid for better traffic flow
13 Sep 2018
A new smart traffic light control system developed by the LTA and A*Star is aimed at helping traffic flow become more efficient.
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Save on servicing this August with Volks' Castrol promotions
01 Aug 2018
From now till 31st August 2018, Volkswagen Group vehicle specialist Volks is offering up to 30% off for all Castrol engine oil changes.
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Skoda returns to Singapore in a SMART new way
23 Mar 2018
Volkswagen Group Singapore brings the Skoda brand back to Singapore as sole importer and retailer with an award-winning lineup.
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New Land Rover Explore outdoor adventure smartphone
26 Feb 2018
The new Land Rover Explore mobile phone is the toughest phone in the world, built to work in places other phones can't reach.
MINI gets even smarter and more digitally advanced
14 Feb 2018
From March 2018, all new MINI models will be available with the option of a built-in 4G SIM card that will usher in a new era of connectivity.
Audi Smart Energy Network pilot project
22 Jan 2018
In a pilot project the Audi Smart Energy Network for the first time interacts with the power grid, marking a major advance for grid stability.
Seat displays the Leon Cristobal at the Smart City Expo
15 Nov 2017
Seat displays the Leon Cristobal at the Smart City Expo, the safest car in its history equipped with six advanced safety features to reduce risks and accidents.
NEUTO wins Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Award 2017
11 Nov 2017
The NEUTO Smart Hydrogen Engine Cleaning System has received the Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Award 2017 in the Clean Technology (SME) category.
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Hyundai Motor Group reveals next generation powertrain strategy in South Korea
28 Oct 2017
Hyundai revealed the first four engines and two transmissions from its forthcoming Smart Stream powertrain lineup at its International Powertrain Conference.