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Pole-to-pole Nissan Ariya expedition sets off
02 Apr 2023
A Nissan Ariya, alongside electric vehicle adventurers Chris and Julie Ramsey, have set off from the North Pole on a 27,000km journey.
Nissan e-4orce all-wheel drive system gets tails wagging
24 Feb 2023
Nissan has released a new video showing how its new e-4orce system could cut motion sickness for both people and their canine friends.
Nissan unveils the Ariya set for a pole-to-pole expedition
03 Feb 2023
Nissan has revealed more of the modified Nissan Ariya that is set to embark on a pole-to-pole expedition come March 2023.
Nissan showcases the Ariya and launches the X-Trail at the 2023 Singapore Motor Show
16 Jan 2023
Nissan Singapore has launched the X-Trail e-POWER and displayed the all-electric Ariya coupe crossover at the 2023 Singapore Motor Show.
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Nissan Ariya arriving at Singapore Motor Show alongside all new X-Trail e-POWER
10 Jan 2023
Exhibiting its widest lineup of electrified vehicles to date at the show, Nissan will debut the two cars alongside a facelifted version of the Kicks e-Power.
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Experience Nissan's EVs with Augmented Reality
30 Dec 2022
Nissan has created an Augmented Reality experience so that viewers can view the Ariya, Leaf, and Formula E car with brand ambassador Brie Larson.
Nissan prioritises safety on the Ariya
29 Dec 2022
Nissan has increased safety testing on the Nissan Ariya to ensure that it has zero compromises when it comes to safety.
Nissan introduces e-4ORCE system on the electric Ariya and X-Trail in Europe
01 Dec 2022
The Nissan e-4ORCE system is an advanced twin-motor all-wheel drive system designed for electrified and fully electric powertrains.
Nissan Ariya to travel from North to South Pole
25 May 2022
A Nissan Ariya will be travelling from the North Pole to the South in an effort to highlight the importance of electric vehicles in fighting climate change.
The all new Nissan Sakura is a fully electric kei car with up to 180km of range
24 May 2022
The Sakura, following behind the Leaf and Ariya as Nissan's third full-EV, is promising to bring electrification to urban Japan's streets.
Nissan puts its e-4orce technology into an RC car
21 Mar 2022
The remote-controlled car demonstrates how Nissan's e-4orce technology can offer impressive handling and drivability over a variety of surfaces.
Nissan Z to feature in firm's Super Bowl ad
06 Feb 2022
The 60-second Super Bowl ad will see Eugene Levy transformed into the star of a high-octane film as he drives the Nissan Z.
Nissan reveals the Ariya Single Seater Concept
03 Dec 2021
The Nissan Ariya Single Seater Concept is said to borrow the Ariya road car's all-electric powertrain and its design cues.
All-electric Nissan Ariya takes to the famous Monaco street circuit for its public driving debut
26 May 2021
Featuring a revolutionary new electric vehicle design, the Ariya all-electric coupe crossover is the icon of Nissan's innovative and electric future.
The Nissan Ariya benefits from engineering excellence
06 Apr 2021
With cooperation between Nissan's European and Japanese engineering teams, the Ariya's performance continues to be tuned to provide balance and refinement.