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Budget 2022: From BMWs to Lamborghinis, 220% ARF tax rate to drive up prices of luxury cars
18 Feb 2022
Cars like the BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, as well as Ferraris, McLarens and Lamborghinis, will see their prices increase significantly with the new ARF structure.
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Public transport subsidies under the spotlight in budget debate
05 Mar 2021
The financial sustainability of our local public transport has fallen into the spotlight at the budget debates in Parliament.
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No more new diesel cars, taxis in Singapore from 2025
04 Mar 2021
Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung has announced that no more new diesel cars and taxis will be allowed to be registered in Singapore from 2025.
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Fuel duty to be raised with immediate effect
16 Feb 2021
The local petrol duty will be raised with immediate effect as part of the recently announced Budget 2021 adjustments.
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Audi increases its budget for electromobility up to 2025
04 Dec 2020
With this investment, Audi plans to strengthen itself for the upcoming transformation to a provider of networked and sustainable premium mobility.
Almost $100b earmarked for land transport projects
28 Mar 2020
Nearly $100 billion has been set aside to build road, rail and active mobility projects over the next decade, according to Budget 2020 statements.
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Push to promote electric vehicles in move to phase out ICE vehicles
18 Feb 2020
Singapore will make electric vehicles more attractive from next year, with plans to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles by 2040.
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Distance-based ERP 'several years' away
18 Feb 2020
The Land Transport Authority said in June last year that the second generation ERP system is on track to be progressively rolled out from this year.
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Diesel duty at pumps doubles to $0.20 per litre
18 Feb 2019
Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced on Monday that the excise duty on diesel will be raised from $0.10 to $0.20 per litre with immediate effect.
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Taxi operators to pass on savings from cut in diesel tax
22 Feb 2017
ComfortDelgro, the largest operator with a 60 percent market share, said two days ago that it would pass on the savings, without giving details.
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New Vehicular Emissions Scheme and restructured diesel taxes
20 Feb 2017
The current Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme will be replaced with a new Vehicular Emissions Scheme while diesel taxes are restructured.
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COE tender postponement sparks speculation of big car tax changes
17 Feb 2017
The LTA have announced that the next COE tender period will be delayed by two days, sparking speculation about major changes to come from Monday's Budget.
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Case says Shell's price hike for petrol not acceptable
27 Feb 2015
Three petrol companies have answered to a Consumers Association of Singapore request to explain the price increase but Shell's reason was not accepted.
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CCS demands petrol companies to explain price increment
26 Feb 2015
Petrol companies have been ordered by the Competition Commission of Singapore to explain their latest price hikes after the increase in petrol duties.
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Experts say costlier petrol unlikely to change driving habits
25 Feb 2015
While petrol prices have risen following the Government's hike in duties, motorists are unlikely to give up their rides just yet, experts said.
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