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Authorised Dealers eye a larger piece of the lucrative used car market
03 Jul 2021
Lucrative aspects of the used car business in today's shrinking COE climate is driving Authorised Dealers to grow their businesses in the segment.
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Car dealer who lost odometer tampering case still has not paid up
27 Sep 2019
Performance Carz, a used car dealer found to have misrepresented the mileage of a vehicle it sold, still had not paid compensation to the buyer.
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Used car dealers setting up portal
08 Nov 2018
A group of 20 used car traders in Singapore are banding together and are aiming to raise $5 million to set up their own portal.
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Used car dealers turning to consignment deals
31 Oct 2018
Used car dealers are turning to consignment deals as Singapore's lemon law, which applies to only business-to-consumer transactions, would not apply.
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Bumpy road for used car traders
22 Oct 2018
The used car market is sputtering as sliding Certificate of Entitlement prices render stocks bought with higher premiums commercially unviable.
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Second-hand car dealers posing as owners to sell their cars
22 Jan 2018
Some second-hand car dealers have resorted to posing as direct sellers in order to avoid warranty obligations and paying GST.
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Over 20 vehicle buyers left in the lurch by firm
02 Dec 2017
More than 20 vehicle buyers have been left in the lurch by motor firm Manhattan Motor after it closed down without transferring ownership of their cars to them.
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Land Rover Discovery 4 wins 'Best Used SUV' at the car dealer used car awards
30 Nov 2016
The Land Rover Discovery has added yet another accolade to its enviable roll of honour by scooping the inaugural 'Best Used SUV' award.
Used car dealer with credit problems may be back
18 Apr 2015
More than a month after reports of its errant activities came to light, used car dealer Cars Today may have resurfaced.
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Used car dealer under fire for credit problems
18 Feb 2015
A second hand car dealer has come under fire for selling cars, which could end up being repossessed, due to recent money problems.
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Used car dealers cry foul over lemon law
02 May 2014
More used car dealers are crying foul over the lemon law, claiming that some are abusing it to demand the replacement of vehicle parts worn down by age.
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Lemon law takes precedence over any type of waived warranty
19 Apr 2014
Judge rules that buyers can still have their faulty item fixed even if they have signed any form of warranty waiver.
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Used car dealer goes to jail over forged letter
29 Nov 2013
A used car dealer was sentenced to four weeks' jail yesterday after he forged a letter to the Land Transport Authority (LTA).
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Number of complaints targeting car dealers went up substantially this year
05 Oct 2013
The number of complaints about car dealers has increased substantially this year, with most of them targeted at used car traders.
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Used car dealers struggling with current MAS loan restrictions
26 Aug 2013
Six months after stringent loan restrictions were imposed on the auto industry, used car industry is struggling, with many downsizing or closing down.
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