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The BMW i Vision Circular is what your compact BMW could look like, come 2040
10 Sep 2021
The i Vision Circular concept shows just what a fully-circular, carbon-neutral compact from a future BMW could look like.
BMW Group Asia study reveals 46% of Singaporean drivers are ready to go electric
03 Sep 2021
A survey conducted by BMW Group Asia has revealed that 46% of Singaporean drivers are looking to purchase an electrified vehicle as their next car.
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Car Review - BMW iX3 Electric Impressive [74 kWh] (A)
26 Aug 2021
It may not look very exciting, but the new iX3 genuinely impresses with its electric capability and efficiency, as well as a very intriguing price tag.
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First Drive - BMW iX3 Electric Impressive [74 kWh] (A)
07 Aug 2021
A healthy range, generous specification, and an attractive asking price make the BMW iX3 a very convincing option as your first electric car.
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Meet BMW M's first all-electric safety car
03 Aug 2021
BMW M is set to unveil the new BMW i4 M50 Safety Car for the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup at the Motorcycle Grand Prix of Austria.
Video Review - BMW 4 Series Coupe 420i M Sport (A)
02 Aug 2021
Looking for something that will make sure your neighbours know that you have made it? The BMW 4 Series coupe could be just what you need.
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BMW unveils the new 2 Series Coupe
08 Jul 2021
The new 2 Series Coupe exemplifies sporting prowess, with a design concept emphasising driving excellence and class-leading technology.
Car Review - BMW 4 Series Convertible 430i Convertible M Sport Pro (A)
03 Jul 2021
The new BMW 430i Convertible comes with a fancy new soft-top, along with everything that makes a convertible great.
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BMW features cutting-edge technology at Greentech Festival 2021
21 Jun 2021
Notable demonstrations include the BMW electrified wingsuit, the all-electric BMW i4 eDrive40 Gran Coupe, and the BMW i3 Urban Suite.
The new BMW iX and BMW i4: Global campaign plays to the rhythm of Coldplay's new hit
15 Jun 2021
The release of 'Higher Power' marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between the German automaker and Coldplay.
BMW announces new BMW X3 M Competition and BMW X4 M Competition
10 Jun 2021
The new X3 and X4 M Competition also offer vastly increased pulling power, peaking at a jaw-dropping 503bhp and 650Nm of torque.
Dynamic Duo: BMW unveils the new BMW X3 and BMW X4
10 Jun 2021
The redesigned front end and rear section is rounded off with a modern interior, featuring new equipment and an updated infotainment system.
BMW reveals the all new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe
09 Jun 2021
The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe captures the imagination with its enhanced driving dynamics, design language, and a host of innovations in terms of connectivity.
BMW M Motorsport presents the BMW M4 GT3 at the Nurburgring
04 Jun 2021
The BMW M4 GT3 has undergone many stages of development, from conceptual diagrams to wind tunnel testing, followed by rigorous testing at various racetracks.
BMW unveils details of the upcoming all electric i4
02 Jun 2021
The upcoming all electric BMW i4 brings new generation eDrive technology and interior equipment, and there's also a M version coming.