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BMW's Spartanburg plant doubles battery production capacity
28 Jul 2019
The new assembly line will be able to produce different types of fourth-generation batteries to serve the growing range of electrified vehicles locally.
BMW Group beats market trend with sales growth in first half
14 Jul 2019
BMW Group sales growth makes 2019 the first time the firm has sold more than 1.25 million vehicles in the first half of the year.
The Power of 3: Bavaria's three-pronged assault on the automotive world
27 Jun 2019
BMW has a knack for doing it all and doing it well, and has iconised so many of its models, including the 3 Series, X3 and the i3.
Nigel Yong | 13,874 views | Features
X: Fit for more than a generation
27 Mar 2019
Between a brash millennial and a young father, our two colleagues pick the BMW X cars best suited to their individual lifestyles.
Desmond Chan and Julian Kho, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 7,640 views | Features
BMW debuts the new X3 M and X4 M Competition models
15 Feb 2019
BMW M is expanding its high-performance lineup to include the X3 M and X4 M Competition models, using newly developed six-cylinder engines.
Embrace your individuality with the BMW X3
09 Jul 2018
If you relish independence and are looking for some me-time, here are five ideas of great ways to spend your weekend!
Desmond Chan | 12,311 views | Features
Sheer driving pleasure at BMW Performance Fest Drive 2018
15 Jun 2018
How fast does a BMW M5 accelerate? How agile is a biggish BMW X3 in emergency situations? We find out at this year's BMW Performance Fest in Changi.
Idris Talib | 9,740 views | Features
Car Review - BMW X3 M40i (A)
15 May 2018
The BMW X3 M40i is a very particular kind of car for the driver that wants a family SUV that also packs a ton of power and a whole lot of noise.
Desmond Chan, Video by Low Fai Ming | 18,418 views | BMW Reviews
BMW teases new iX3 concept prior to Beijing reveal
23 Apr 2018
BMW has released a teaser video of its new iX3 all electric SUV concept, which features a new take on the company's iconic grille design.
Car Review - BMW X3 xDrive30i M Sport (A)
29 Jan 2018
The BMW X3 is an oversized mid-sized SUV that is spacious and dynamic for drivers who prefer the urban jungle.
Julian Kho | 21,248 views | BMW Reviews
First Drive - BMW X3 xDrive30d M Sport
22 Dec 2017
The BMW X3 xDrive30d is a delightful diesel capable of conquering the city without breaking a sweat, thanks to 620Nm of torque produced by a 3.0-litre engine.
Anthony Lim in Cairns, Australia | 13,277 views | BMW Reviews
First Drive - BMW X3 xDrive20d M Sport
29 Nov 2017
The BMW X3 xDrive20d retains the same loveable qualities of its petrol sibling but has more torque, a punchier engine and better fuel economy.
Anthony Lim in Cairns, Australia | 8,686 views | BMW Reviews
Xploring the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in the BMW X3
21 Nov 2017
We explore Tropical North Queensland in the BMW X3, taking it from the concrete jungle, past a golden chain of beaches, to the tropical oasis Port Douglas.
Anthony Lim in Cairns, Australia | 6,541 views | Features
First Drive - BMW X3 xDrive30i xLine
06 Nov 2017
The new BMW X3 hits the ground running with a refined drive, high-tech cabin and proper all-round SUV capabilities that make it a jack of all trades.
Anthony Lim in Cairns, Australia | 10,544 views | BMW Reviews
Behind the wheel of the new BMW X3 in sunny Cairns
03 Nov 2017
The new X3, BMW's mid-sized sport utility vehicle, combines driving qualities that suit any terrain with everyday usability.
Anthony Lim in Cairns, Australia | International News | 3,687 views | BMW News