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BMW flagships: The circularity of luxury, today and beyond
14 Nov 2022
More than just pushing the envelope of high-tech luxury, BMW's 7-badged luxury models also reach for a new standard of sustainability.
Desmond Chan in Palm Springs, U.S.A | 3,574 views | Features
First Drive - BMW X7 xDrive40i (A)
02 Nov 2022
The facelifted X7 brings design, interior and drivetrain enhancements that add further refinement to an already stellar seven-seater luxury SUV package.
Desmond Chan in Palm Springs, U.S.A | 7,024 views | BMW Reviews
BMW launches the new 8 Series and X7 in Singapore
28 Oct 2022
BMW has launched the new 8 Series and X7 in Singapore at an exclusive private event, both of which have been updated to keep things fresh.
Local News | 2,758 views | BMW News
First Drive - BMW M Series X7 M50i (A)
27 Apr 2022
The BMW X7 M50i is a mighty powerful seven-seater SUV that offers ample comfort and space.
Julian Kho in Munich, Germany, Photos by Manufacturer | 6,656 views | BMW M Series Reviews
The new BMW i7 all-electric flagship sedan is unveiled! Here's what it's all about...
20 Apr 2022
BMW has pulled the covers off the highly-anticipated BMW i7, the Bavarian marque's all-electric flagship sedan. Here's what you need to know about it.
Julian Kho in Munich, Germany, Photos by Manufacturer | 12,863 views | Features
The BMW X7 gets new split head lights
14 Apr 2022
The BMW X7 has been updated with new head and taillights, alongside the latest BMW Operating System 8 and BMW Curved Display inside.
BMW reveals the X7 Dark Shadow Edition
28 Jul 2020
The BMW X7 Dark Shadow Edition sports a unique Frozen Arctic Grey metallic paint, paired with High Gloss Shadow Line features for a more imposing appearance.
These BMWs offer luxurious driving pleasure
14 Feb 2020
There has never been a larger BMW stable than now, and these three cars are the top luxury offerings from the Bavarian automaker.
Idris Talib, Photos by Low Fai Ming, BMW | 13,881 views | Features
The BMW X family comes out to play
03 Feb 2020
With seven models in the BMW X family all delivering a distinctly individual experience, there's certainly a BMW X car for everyone.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Editorial Team and Manufacturer | 11,706 views | Features
7 ways the first ever BMW X7 is larger than life
10 Oct 2019
With its extreme size, extensive technology and exemplary drive, the first ever BMW X7 is larger than life.
Desmond Chan | 13,608 views | Features
Car Review - BMW X7 xDrive40i Design Pure Excellence Launch Edition (A)
25 Sep 2019
Sizeably designed and feature-filled, yet pleasingly easy and comfortable to drive, the new BMW X7 delivers everything you could possibly want.
Desmond Chan, Video by Low Fai Ming | 18,617 views | BMW Reviews
The hunt for Dracula and the greatest driving road in the world
03 Aug 2019
In a fleet of BMWs, we take a trip through Romania to hunt down Dracula and the greatest driving road in the world.
Desmond Chan in Romania, Photos by Desmond Chan and Manufacturer | 11,777 views | Features
BMW Group beats market trend with sales growth in first half
14 Jul 2019
BMW Group sales growth makes 2019 the first time the firm has sold more than 1.25 million vehicles in the first half of the year.
The new BMW X5 M50i and BMW X7 M50i announced
03 Jul 2019
V8 performance versions of the BMW X5 and X7 have been announced, and will feature TwinPower Turbo technology and M sport differentials.
The all new BMW X7 launched in Singapore
10 May 2019
The brand new X7, BMW's new flagship sport utility vehicle model that combines presence, exclusivity, spaciousness and luxury, has been launched in Singapore.
Local News | 11,290 views | BMW News