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Bentley Bentayga Speed meets Russian Ballet
26 Oct 2021
Six Bentley Bentayga Speeds have been built to pay homage to Russian ballet as the first chapter of the Russian Heritage Editions.
Bentley delivers Bentayga Hybrid for The Macallan Estate
06 Aug 2021
Visits to the Macallan Estate can now be done in silent luxury thanks to the delivery of a new Bentayga Hybrid complete with bespoke Mulliner details.
You can now get your Bentley Bentayga with 22-inch carbon fibre wheels
28 Jul 2021
The new wheel is to be the largest carbon wheel in production and offers various benefits beyond the initial 6kg improvement in unsprung mass per wheel.
Meet Bentley's handling-focused SUV, the Bentayga S
27 May 2021
A stiffer suspension setup combines with a distinctive styling package in the new, handling-oriented Bentley Bentayga S.
Bentley celebrates 75 years of manufacturing cars in Crewe
24 May 2021
During this 75-year period, 197,086 luxury cars - or 97% of Bentley's entire production run - have been handcrafted at their iconic factory.
A special Bentley Bentayga Hybrid in green
02 Apr 2021
A special commission by a Chinese customer, this Bentayga Hybrid has been inspired by the colour green and Chinese values like purity, hope and growth.
The new Bentley Bentayga Hybrid brings serenity to the city and beyond
05 Jan 2021
The new Bentayga Hybrid is part of Bentley's plan towards its Beyond100 strategy, and it is one of two new Bentley PHEVs that will be launched in 2021.
The new Bentley Bentayga launched via an interactive virtual experience
27 Nov 2020
The arrival of the new Bentley Bentayga in the region is marked by the launch of a interactive virtual experience crafted based on the viewer's choices.
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The 'Art in Motion' exhibition inspired by the new Bentayga
13 Nov 2020
In association with Secret Walls, three talented artists create one-off works based on key attributes of New Bentayga.
Performance-focused showcase for Bentley at Goodwood Speedweek
19 Oct 2020
Bentley takes part in Goodwood Speedweek with a showcase of performance-inspired models that represent the sporting ethos of the brand.
Bentley announces the new Bentayga Speed
12 Aug 2020
Bentley announces the new Bentayga Speed, the ultimate Bentayga in the family, where effortless performance meets unrivalled craftsmanship.
Bentley Bentayga enhanced with new Bentley accessories
01 Aug 2020
Four new collections of Bentley accessories are now available for customers of the new Bentayga to enhance the capability of their luxury SUV even further.
Production of the new Bentley Bentayga is now underway
22 Jul 2020
Bentley announces the start of production for the recently premiered new Bentayga as production capacity increases.
Bentley Bentayga receives Four Seat Comfort Specification
20 Jul 2020
The new Bentley Bentayga receives the Four Seat Comfort Specification, providing ultimate luxury SUV rear cabin space.
New Bentayga now available on Bentley configurator
14 Jul 2020
The new Bentley Bentayga is available on Bentley's advanced configurator, with up to 10 billion possible configurations per model.