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Bentley Continental GT family gets new features and colours
04 Jul 2020
Bentley's Continental GT Coupe and Continental GT Convertible gets new features and colours for this upcoming summer 2020.
Bentley reveals the engineering behind the Rotating Display
21 Jun 2020
Bentley reveals the engineering behind the Bentley Rotating Display in detail, featured in the new Flying Spur and Continental GT.
First full summer of global deliveries for Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible
12 Jun 2020
The first full summer of global deliveries for the Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible has began, bringing the car alongside its W12 sibling in the lineup.
Bentley leading in three race series after opening rounds
08 May 2020
Bentley Motorsport's Works Drivers are leading all three race series commenced in 2020 after each race's opening rounds.
Bentley offers sporting edge styling specification
05 May 2020
Bentley offers carbon fibre styling specification, which adds a sporting edge to the Continental GT family and the Bentayga.
Bentley enters sim racing for the first time
17 Apr 2020
Bentley Motorsport has entered the world of esports by announcing its entry into its debut sim racing championship.
Bentley shows commitment to precision with Metrology team
08 Apr 2020
Bentley showcases its commitment to precision in its cars through the in-house Metrology team at the Crewe factory.
Bentley's Drivers enter SRO's charity sim race
31 Mar 2020
Four Bentley Racing Drivers have entered into the SRO's E-Sport GT Series Charity Challenge sim race with Continental GT3s.
Bentley builds Equestrian Edition Continental GT Convertible
09 Mar 2020
Inspired by the greatest racecourse in the world, the Equestrian Edition has become the first member of new Bentley Mulliner Collections portfolio.
Bentley launches the golf Tech Collection
01 Mar 2020
A new collection of Bentley golf clubs take their inspiration from the Bentley Continental GT and brings power to the tee for both pro and leisure golfers.
Bentley launches the Continental GT Mulliner Convertible
22 Feb 2020
Bentley Mulliner raises the bar for luxury open-top grand touring with the new Continental GT Mulliner Convertible, designed for those with an eye for detail.
The Continental GT demonstrates the breadth of its abilities
04 Feb 2020
The Continental GT has demonstrated its breadth of ability by taking victory at the Bathurst 12 Hour and with a stunning debut at the 2020 GP Ice Race.
Bentley to compete in the 2020 GP Ice Race
31 Jan 2020
A specially-prepared Bentley Continental GT is set to compete at the famous GP Ice Race in Zell am See, Austria for the first time.
New models helped to drive Bentley's sales in 2019
10 Jan 2020
2019 saw Bentley's sales rise by 5%, as a raft of exciting new models helped to entice a growing number of customers around the world.
Bentley's Diamond-in-Diamond quilting surges in popularity
25 Dec 2019
Bentley's Diamond-in-Diamond quilting pattern for its interiors is now ordered by three-quarters of all customers as part of the Mulliner Driving Specification.