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New options extend the Bentley Flying Spur's luxury even further
09 Jul 2020
Bentley introduces a suite of new options for its flagship grand tourer, the Flying Spur, further extending luxury.
Bentley to cease production after of the Mulsanne after more than a decade
27 Jun 2020
The Bentley Mulsanne comes to the end of its production run after more than a decade, with the Flying Spur to take over as the brand's flagship.
Bentley reveals the engineering behind the Rotating Display
21 Jun 2020
Bentley reveals the engineering behind the Bentley Rotating Display in detail, featured in the new Flying Spur and Continental GT.
Bentley showcases details of the Flying Spur's rear cabin
02 Jun 2020
Bentley showcases further details of the rear cabin of the Flying Spur, and its expertise in luxury and innovation.
Bentley's flying bees come back to work
25 May 2020
Bentley's swarm of Flying Bees return from hibernation to start work on World Bee Day, with extra help to 'Come Back Stronger'.
Bentley offers sporting edge styling specification
05 May 2020
Bentley offers carbon fibre styling specification, which adds a sporting edge to the Continental GT family and the Bentayga.
Bentley Motors opens all retailers in China
28 Apr 2020
Bentley Motors confirms all 40 retailers in China are now opened as first deliveries of the all new Flying Spur start.
Bentley brings design values to the screen with the new Flying Spur
23 Apr 2020
The Human Machine Interface team at Bentley has given digital screens the Bentley look, with designs matching harmoniously with physical interior features.
Bentley releases new film to celebrate the Mulsanne
16 Apr 2020
Bentley celebrates the Mulsanne through a newly-produced film which captures the highlights of 'the grand Bentley' through the decade.
Bentley releases details of the Flying Spur's Touch Screen Remote
12 Apr 2020
Bentley releases further details of the Flying Spur's Touch Screen Remote, which connects rear seat passengers with a plethora of in-car features.
Bentley shows commitment to precision with Metrology team
08 Apr 2020
Bentley showcases its commitment to precision in its cars through the in-house Metrology team at the Crewe factory.
The Bentley Mulsanne is nearing the end of production
06 Apr 2020
After nearly a decade as Bentley's flagship model, the Mulsanne will soon complete its production run and pass its torch to the all new Flying Spur.
Bentley showcases the Flying Spur in Singapore
10 Dec 2019
Wearnes Automotive has showcased the all new Bentley Flying Spur here in Singapore for the first time in the Asia Pacific region.
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Naim and Bentley celebrate 10-year partnership
02 Dec 2019
Bentley and Naim celebrate a 10-year partnership starring the most powerful in-car sound system available in the market.
Augmented reality app to showcase Bentley Flying Spur
03 Nov 2019
The augmented reality app allows users to experience the Flying Spur anywhere the user chooses - from a Bentley retailer to their own driveway.