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Citroen has launched its first ever passenger BEV, the e-C4, in Singapore
14 Jan 2023
Equipped with a 130bhp motor, the crossover largely shares the same design quirks as the petrol-powered C4, but promises more comfort with its silent drive.
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Facelifted Citroen C5 Aircross arrives in Singapore
06 Jan 2023
The facelifted Citroen C5 Aircross has arrived in Singapore, sporting a bold new look alongside a Cat A COE-friendly 1.2-litre engine.
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Citroen creates 2CV concept for the new Asterix & Obelix movie
20 Dec 2022
Citroen has created a concept chariot based on the Citroen 2CV for the upcoming Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom movie.
LTA: Rebates for cleaner-energy commercial vehicles to continue till 2025, albeit in smaller amounts
15 Nov 2022
Although extended for two years, rebates under the CVES and ETS are set to fall, while the surcharge for more pollutive vehicles will increase by $5,000.
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FairPrice partners with Cycle & Carriage Singapore to start using commercial EVs
10 Nov 2022
FairPrice has collaborated with Cycle & Carriage Singapore to use the all-electric Citroen e-Dispatch for its deliveries.
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The Citroen Oli previews the future of Citroen
07 Oct 2022
The Citroen Oli concept car has a mission to deliver straightforward, purely electric mobility for all while enhancing their daily lives.
Introducing the elegant, new DS 3
04 Oct 2022
The new DS 3 will possess a fully electric variant called the DS 3 E-Tense, which has a 154bhp powertrain and a range of 402km.
Citroen debuts new logo and brand identity
28 Sep 2022
Citroen marks a new chapter in its history with the introduction of a new logo and brand identity, rolling out in future products from mid-2023.
Citroen announces partnership with ubitricity as orders open for the Ami
26 Sep 2022
The new collaboration with ubitricity offers the first 2,000 U.K. customers of the Citroen Ami free charging for the first three months.
Citroen adds new Ami Tonic to electric Ami range
04 Sep 2022
Citroen has added the Ami Tonic, which boasts a yellow and khaki colour scheme as well as new decorative and personalised options to the electric Ami range.
Uniqlo electrifies its last mile delivery fleet here in Singapore
07 Jul 2022
Uniqlo's Click and Collect service here in Singapore is now local emissions-free thanks to the use of the all-electric Citroen e-Berlingo electric van.
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Citroen launches the adventure-ready My Ami Buggy electric commuter
16 Jun 2022
The Citroen My Ami Buggy takes its inspiration from the My Ami Buggy concept, sporting yellow accents and a Khaki exterior finish for an adventure-ready look.
Citroen unveils new C3 Elle limited edition car
30 May 2022
The Citroen C3 Ellle features the magazine's signature 'Since 1945 & forever' on its roof, interior floor mats, and the key fob.
Citroen opens new online lifestyle store
10 May 2022
You can now get your miniature Citroens, branded clothing and even Citroen-branded office supplies all via the firm's revamped lifestyle store.
Citroen is retiring the Grand C4 SpaceTourer come July 2022
23 Apr 2022
The firm states it is retiring production of the MPV following changes in consumer preferences, alongside a growing lineup of equally versatile products.