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The Ford GT LM is the last special edition of the remarkable Ford GT
09 Oct 2022
The final special edition Ford GT LM honors the marque's 2016 win at Le Mans, and will feature bespoke parts made from the actual Ford GT Le Mans racecar.
Excellent used cars you can consider buying that are under an annual depreciation of 12k
29 Aug 2022
Yes, we all know COE prices are sky high and it can get a tad annoying, since even the used car market has been affected. Hence, this list is necessary for you.
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Ford takes the F-150 Lightning into Alaska for some cold weather testing
04 Mar 2022
Ford has driven a fleet of F-150 Lightnings on various wintery surfaces in the heart of Alaska to give customers maximum confidence.
Rent a car from these 'no deposit needed' car rental companies
26 Mar 2020
Despite reasonable car rental costs, deposits can sometimes makes upfront costs unbearably high. Fret not, here are some companies which requires no deposit!
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7 recommended workshops to customise your car leather upholstery
22 Nov 2019
Still searching for the right workshop to reupholster your car's interior? Look no further, here's some of the best workshops that you should visit.
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Recommended Spray Painting shops to transform your car with bespoke colours
04 Oct 2019
Painting a car properly is a complex process that requires the right skill set. Here are some of the best spray painting workshops that you can go to.
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Ford Ranger now available with FX2 package
18 Aug 2019
The new Ford Ranger FX2 Package gives more choice to U.S.A customers who want off-road styling and capability but in a two-wheel-drive offering.
Car rental companies that offer affordable services for P-plate drivers
10 Jun 2019
Want to rent a car, but you have just gotten your driver's license recently? Here are some P-plate friendly car rental companies for you to choose from!
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Workshops that offer cheap car servicing package promotions under $70
12 Apr 2019
Servicing your car is mandatory if you want to avoid costly repairs. Here's a list of servicing deals that will keep both your car and wallet happy.
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SUV-inspired Active crossover heads new Ford KA+ lineup
06 Feb 2018
Ford has introduced the new KA+ lineup, which is headed by the SUV-inspired KA+ Active crossover version, to the U.K.
Ionity pan-European High-Power Charging network for long distance travel
06 Nov 2017
BMW, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche have teamed up to develop Ionity - a High-Power Charging network for long-distance electric vehicle journeys.
Big for the price of small
21 Sep 2016
Ford introduces the all new KA+ five-door hatchback, which boasts a large interior, along with 24km/L fuel efficiency and fun-to-drive dynamics.
Car buying goes digital with Jaguar Land Rover and ROCKAR
25 Aug 2016
Jaguar Land Rover is the first premium automotive company to offer a fully online purchase option as part of a new retail experience developed with ROCKAR.
The design of the new Galloping Pony is unmistakably Mustang
26 Sep 2014
For a car designer, the chance to reimagine an icon like the Ford Mustang is always exciting - more so if the car is celebrating its 50th anniversary.
New Ka concept reveals Ford's vision for small global value car
08 Dec 2013
Ford showcases clever design and technology at an affordable price by unveiling the Ka concept vision - a small global value car.