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BMW Plant Leipzig celebrates production milestone
20 Feb 2023
BMW Plant Leipzig has celebrated the production of its 3,333,333rd vehicle - a Melbourne Red 128ti - as it readies itself to build the MINI Countryman.
MINI launches new special edition models here in Singapore
17 Jan 2023
A host of special edition MINIs arrive here in Singapore, making their debut alongside the MINI Strip and MINI Recharged by Sir Paul Smith.
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BMW sold more than 2.1 million cars in 2022 alone while managing to double sales for its Group BEVs
11 Jan 2023
With nearly 2.4 million cars sold in total, the BMW Group remained the leading premium brand worldwide, even as BMW M and Rolls-Royce experienced record years.
Have you found the One?
24 Nov 2022
Charming looks, go-kart handling, and a cabin that delivers on usability mean the MINI One should be your ideal companion for the road.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 12,548 views | Features
MINI One against Fiat 500: Titanic supermini showdown
14 Sep 2022
The MINI One and Fiat 500 rank highest among hatches with style and personality - but our writers can't agree on which does it best. Let the bickering begin...
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MINI releases new Multitone Edition
31 Aug 2022
The Multitone finish previously only available on the roof of MINIs is now available for new surfaces on the MINI 3-Door, 5-Door and Clubman.
MINI builds one-off all-electric convertible
17 Jul 2022
The MINI Cooper SE Convertible combines the body of a Cooper S Convertible with the zero local emissions drivetrain of the MINI Electric.
Upgrade to an estate: Stationwagons to consider
15 Jul 2022
Estates, also known as stationwagons, are a great alternative to SUVs. Here's a list of models we'd consider for various budgets.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team and Manufacturers | 10,544 views | Car Buying Advice
MINI and Paul Smith reveal first images of new one-off classic Mini
09 Jun 2022
A new project from MINI and Paul Smith looks set to bring sustainability to the fore once again with its stripped out interior and all-electric drivetrain.
MINI One gets Frozen Brass Edition here in Singapore
10 Mar 2022
The MINI One Frozen Brass Edition gets its traditionally chrome elements finished in brass instead, perfect for those that appreciate sleek and stylised forms.
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Man lights up his MINI Electric to spread festive cheer and raise money for charity
23 Nov 2021
A MINI Electric will make its rounds in the U.K. after having had 2,000 LED lights installed throughout its exterior to raise funds for charity.
Forget travel bubbles, MINI is offering up a one-of-a-kind adventure to discover a unique side of Singapore
28 Sep 2021
MINI is offering all the opportunity to discover a different side of Singapore with a one-of-a-kind adventure in the MINI range.
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One millionth MINI delivered in the U.K.
16 Sep 2021
Total deliveries since the start of production of the modern MINI has topped one million units in the U.K., the brand's largest market.
MINI strips out a MINI Electric with Fashion Designer Paul Smith
13 Aug 2021
The stripped-out MINI Electric was designed to shine the spotlight on the issue of sustainability in automotive design and manufacturing.
Facelift - MINI One 5-Door 1.5 (A)
03 Aug 2021
The updated MINI One 5-Door is a charming hatchback that's big on fun.
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