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Facelift - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon C200 Avantgarde (A)
07 Mar 2019
With EQ Boost technology, Mercedes-Benz is able to downsize the C200's engine without sacrificing performance, all while offering improved fuel economy.
Nigel Yong | 16,084 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
Facelift - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet C180 (A)
11 Feb 2019
The C-Class Cabriolet has been updated with improved technology, enhancing the car's ability to deliver a relaxed and premium open-top experience.
Desmond Chan | 5,109 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
Facelift - Mercedes-Benz C-Class C180 Coupe
01 Feb 2019
It may look sportier than it actually is, but the updated C-Class Coupe will still appeal to buyers looking to stand out from the crowd.
Desmond Chan | 7,378 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
Facelift - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon C180 Exclusive (A)
29 Jan 2019
Light changes to the C-Class, including new equipment and improved efficiency, allows it to remain a popular and appealing choice for buyers.
Desmond Chan | 16,546 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
Mercedes-Benz unveils the latest edition of the C-Class in Singapore
08 Dec 2018
The updated Mercedes-Benz C-Class boasts subtle styling changes inside and out, a fully-digital instrument cluster, new trim options and new safety systems.
First Drive - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon C43 AMG 4MATIC (A)
28 Jun 2018
With its four-door layout, handsome good looks and admirable handling, the Mercedes-AMG C 43 Sedan is one desirable car indeed.
Julian Kho in Luxembourg and Moselle region | 10,453 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
First Drive - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe C43 AMG 4MATIC (A)
27 Jun 2018
The updated Mercedes-AMG C 43 Coupe is proof that powerful things do come in pretty packages.
Julian Kho in Luxembourg and Moselle region | 9,518 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
First Drive - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon C200 Elegance (A)
22 Jun 2018
The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon is now supplemented with a compact battery that helps with performance and fuel economy.
Julian Kho in Luxembourg and Moselle region | 16,460 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
Mercedes-Benz updates its ever popular C-Class
20 Jun 2018
Looking and feeling like the pricier S-Class flagship sedan, Mercedes-Benz launches the long-overdue updated C-Class, both inside and out.
Julian Kho in Luxembourg | International News | 15,758 views | Mercedes-Benz News
First Drive - Mercedes-Benz C-Class C350e
10 May 2018
The Mercedes-Benz C-Class C350e is a relaxed cruiser that proves plug-in hybrids can hold their own against their petrol and diesel brethren.
Anthony Lim in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 18,183 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
Updated Mercedes C-Class Coupe and Cabriolet unveiled
24 Mar 2018
Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the updated C-Class Coupe and Cabriolet, with a sharper design, digital cockpit and new engine options.
Updated Mercedes C-Class Saloon and Estate revealed
15 Feb 2018
Mercedes-Benz have revealed details of the updated C-Class Saloon and Estate, which feature extensive interior upgrades and the latest safety systems.
Car Review - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe C63 S AMG (A)
29 Sep 2017
The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe is excessive in so many ways, and that is precisely what makes it so special and captivating.
Desmond Chan | 14,522 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews

This model is no longer being sold by local distributors

First Drive - Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class GLC200 (A)
31 Aug 2017
It may be the baby of the SUV family, but the Mercedes-Benz GLC200 is more than able to hold its own.
Desmond Chan in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia | 25,150 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews
Car Review - Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class 43 AMG 4MATIC Coupe (A)
26 Jul 2017
The Mercedes GLC 43 Coupe is a sleek and stylish SUV capable of delivering forceful shove, thanks to a wonderful 3.0-litre AMG V6 engine.
Desmond Chan | 26,554 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews