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Facelift - Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 1.5T Style (A)
16 Dec 2021
Newfound styling, increased space, and cabin upgrades make the facelifted Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross a sensible coupe SUV for the family.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 49,595 views | Mitsubishi Reviews
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross arrives in Singapore
26 Nov 2021
A sleeker design front and back alongside increased space and a larger infotainment screen are offered with the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.
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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross achieves five-star safety rating
30 Jul 2021
The 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has received a five-Star overall safety rating from the U.S.A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Mitsubishi unveils new styling for the 2022 Eclipse Cross
18 Oct 2020
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has revealed the restyled 2022 Eclipse Cross, offering a sleek, sporty SUV appearance and improved driving confidence and comfort.
First teaser of the redesigned Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross revealed
18 Sep 2020
Mitsubishi is promising a significantly changed front and rear design to complement the sleek SUV styling of the Eclipse Cross.
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross receives five star safety rating
25 Dec 2019
The 2020 Eclipse Cross received the highest possible overall score, a five star overall safety rating through the NHTSA's most recent round of crash testing.
Mitsubishi takes second place at the Rebelle Rally
29 Oct 2019
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross proved its grit and drove Team Record the Journey to the finish line with minimal modifications.
Mitsubishi supports team Record the Journey for 2019 Rebelle Rally
15 Oct 2019
Mitsubishi's support sees two army veterans crossing over 2,000km of remote terrain from Lake Tahoe to San Diego in an Eclipse Cross.
Mitsubishi unveils its new design concept showroom
29 Jul 2019
Adding more punch behind the appeal of its new SUV lineup, Mitsubishi unveils an all new showroom, together with the limited edition Eclipse Cross Black.
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Experience fine Japanese engineering with Mitsubishi cars at Century Square
29 May 2019
sgCarMart partners with Mitsubishi to run a Trusted Brand showcase featuring the Attrage and Eclipse Cross at Century Square from 29 May to 4 June.
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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross joins police fleet
03 Dec 2018
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - the carmaker's latest SUV - joins the Italian State police force and will be used for special tasks.
Car Review - Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 1.5 Turbo Sunroof (A)
19 Feb 2018
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross stands out with its coupe-like roofline, comfortable cabin and turbo engine.
Nigel Yong, Photos and video by Low Fai Ming | 53,906 views | Mitsubishi Reviews
ANCAP awards Mitsubishi Motors' Eclipse Cross five-stars for safety
09 Dec 2017
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is proud to announce that ANCAP has awarded the all new Eclipse Cross its highest five-star safety rating.
Mitsubishi introduces the all new Eclipse Cross to the U.K.
23 Sep 2017
Mitsubishi has introduced the all new Eclipse Cross, which will be available in three trim levels from January 2018, to the U.K.
Mitsubishi will attempt to photograph two eclipses in a single shot
18 Aug 2017
Mitsubishi Motors will be attempting to capture the perfect shot of the Eclipse Cross during the total solar eclipse, happening on 21st August in the U.S.A.