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Comparison - Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid & Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid
10 Mar 2021
The Toyota Yaris Cross delivers superior fuel efficiency, while the Nissan Kicks e-POWER impresses with its overall quality and refinement.
Desmond Chan | 56,614 views | Nissan Reviews
Video Review - Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid Premium Plus (A)
19 Aug 2020
The Nissan Kicks combines the practicality of a crossover and the electrified e-POWER drive into an affordable package.
Clarence Seow | 9,647 views | Nissan Reviews
Five electrifying things about the Nissan Kicks e-POWER
09 Aug 2020
The Nissan Kicks e-POWER packages electric torque into a fuss-free package. We look at five electrifying things about Nissan's newest crossover.
Clarence Seow | 13,595 views | Features
Car Review - Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid Premium Plus (A)
12 Jul 2020
The Nissan Kicks e-POWER provides an affordable option for those looking for electric torque within a crossover body.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 20,725 views | Nissan Reviews
Nissan launches all new Kicks e-POWER in Singapore
09 Jul 2020
Nissan and Tan Chong Motor Sales announce the launch of the all new Nissan Kicks e-POWER urban crossover in Singapore.
Local News | 8,053 views | Nissan News
Nissan Kicks e-POWER to arrive in Singapore mid-2020
21 May 2020
The Nissan Kicks is scheduled to arrive in Singapore come mid-2020, packaging Nissan's e-POWER series hybrid drive in a compact crossover body.
Local News | 11,874 views | Nissan News
Nissan e.dams kicks off Formula E with an impressive points haul
20 Dec 2018
Nissan e.dams has kicked off its electric street racing championship campaign with an impressive points haul as the first ever Japanese brand in the series.
Nissan kicks off countdown to Formula E debut
18 Jul 2018
Nissan will join the series with its new electric race car for the next season of Formula E, which kicks off in December this year.
Next chapter of Nissan X-Trail success story kicks off in the U.K.
07 Jun 2017
The Nissan X-Trail - the marque's largest crossover - has received a host of upgrades, which make it more practical and safer on the road.
Nissan kicks off new UEFA Champions League campaign #GetThereWithGinola
30 May 2017
Nissan has kicked off a campaign, which allows U.K. fans to attend the UEFA Champions League Final with football legend David Ginola.
Nissan announces launch edition 'Nissan Kicks 2016'
20 Jun 2016
The Brazilian-market Nissan Kicks crossover is just about to hit showrooms, and the automaker is launching it with a special edition called 'Nissan Kicks 2016'.
Nissan's Kicks Concept has been approved for production
06 Jan 2016
Nissan has announced that its Kicks Concept crossover has been given the green light for regular production, and will eventually be sold globally.