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Porsche unveils the Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition
23 May 2022
The Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition celebrates the circuit's 90th anniversary with the extensive use of a Bronzite finish.
Porsche takes its Formula E racer and safety car down the streets of Berlin
16 May 2022
The Porsche Formula E racer and Formula E safety car were showcased through the streets of Berlin, Germany ahead of the all-electric race.
Car Review - Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Electric 4S 93.4 kWh (A)
28 Mar 2022
Stylish, dynamic and undeniably Porsche, the Taycan Cross Turismo is a car that appeals to the irrational heart.
Desmond Chan | 4,935 views | Porsche Reviews
Porsche aims to have electrified models take 80% of sales by 2030
21 Mar 2022
Porsche states that continued investment in battery development and charging network development will aid it reach its ambitious goal.
Car Review - Porsche Taycan Electric Performance Battery 79 kWh (A)
11 Mar 2022
If you're someone who enjoys driving, well-heeled and a self-declared tree-hugger, the entry-level all-electric Porsche Taycan sports sedan will be a superb choice for you.
Julian Kho, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 9,537 views | Porsche Reviews
Tesla's Model 3 was Singapore's best-selling EV for 2021, but which other cars are electrifying the sales charts globally?
22 Feb 2022
As the shift to EVs intensifies, everyone - from luxury carmakers, to more budget-oriented marques - is racing to win the hearts and minds of drivers.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Design Team, Manufacturers | 17,461 views | Features
Porsche Taycan sets new world record for coast-to-coast drive in the U.S.A
31 Jan 2022
The Porsche Taycan has entered into the record books by driving from coast-to-coast in the U.S.A with a minimal charging time.
Porsche has brought something fresh to Singapore, and this time, it's not a car
21 Jan 2022
Porsche's dream-like, dream-inspired collaboration with French Artist Cyril Lancelin is making its second stop right on our shores, after debuting in Paris.
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Porsche Taycan gets new Sport Turismo body
20 Jan 2022
The new Porsche Taycan Sports Turismo allows you to combine the usability of the Taycan Cross Turismo with the on-road dynamics of the Taycan sports saloon.
Porsche Taycan to serve as Formula E safety car
20 Jan 2022
The Porsche Taycan Turbo S will see work as a safety car this Formula E season, sporting a livery that comprises all colours of the 11 competing teams.
Porsche hits new record for deliveries in 2021
14 Jan 2022
With 301,915 vehicles delivered to customers worldwide in 2021, Porsche not only saw an 11% sales growth, but also achieved the strongest result in its history.
Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo sets new world record
12 Jan 2022
The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo has set a new world record for the greatest altitude change ever achieved by an electric car.
Porsche opens Track Precision App for the Panamera, Cayenne and Taycan
08 Dec 2021
The Porsche Track Precision App will allow owners to fine-tune and receive feedback on their driving on a track, all from their phone.
First look: Porsche finally unveils its Vision GT car, and it's bulbous and gorgeous
06 Dec 2021
Bulbous and futuristic, the Vision GT car will carry Porsche's prevailing design language in beautiful form into Gran Turismo 7 come early 2022.
The 590bhp Porsche Taycan GTS has a range of over 500km
19 Nov 2021
With 590bhp on overboost, the Taycan GTS can complete the century sprint in just 3.7 seconds. It can also be had as a Sport Turismo.