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Smart launches new smart #1 electric crossover
05 Oct 2022
Smart launches its new #1 electric crossover, which boasts a generous amount of space and flexibility despite having a compact footprint.
Smart reveals the new Smart #1 all-electric crossover
08 Apr 2022
Designed and engineered by Geely and Mercedes-Benz, the Smart #1 sports a 268bhp electric motor driving its rear wheels.
Smart to reveal production #1 electric crossover
02 Apr 2022
First camouflaged images of the production Smart #1 show that it could retain much of the exterior design of the Smart 1 Concept shown in 2021.
Hyundai to nurture Singapore-based startups
28 Oct 2021
A collaboration with Infineon Technologies will see Hyundai supporting Singapore startups in the fields of smart factory, smart city, mobility and logistics.
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Xiaomi further concretises EV timeline, to mass produce first model by 2024
20 Oct 2021
The Chinese tech giant, most known for its smartphones and smart home appliances, is steadily gearing up to enter the EV field.
The Smart Concept 1 heralds a new generation of all-electric cars from the compact car manufacturer
09 Sep 2021
The Smart Concept 1 near-production study is said to herald a new generation of all-electric cars from the brand, so it could actually be quite huge.
Smart reveals Brabus fortwo coupe Racing Green Edition
23 Jul 2021
The Brabus-finished EQ fortwo coupe gets exclusive Racing Green Metallic paint and hand-stitched Nappa leather Brabus interior.
Smarter, Sleeker, Sharper: Peugeot reveals the new Peugeot 308 SW
24 Jun 2021
The new 308 SW combines practicality and versatility, and features cutting-edge technology alongside an efficient plug-in hybrid drivetrain.
Bugatti unveils its smartwatch masterpiece - inspired by the brand's hyper sports cars
29 May 2021
Every example is made by hand with meticulous attention to detail, leading to a seamless integration of more than 1,000 individual parts.
Kia owners here can soon look forward to a digitalised customer experience
25 May 2021
A new 'Smart Service Centre' online platform could soon deliver personalised vehicle maintenance and repair services to Kia owners here in Singapore.
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Ford introduces a 'Smart Mirror' for its vans to allow them to see behind better
06 Apr 2021
Vans don't have much use for their rear view mirrors because they are usually blocked, but Ford has a solution with its 'Smart Mirror' to improve safety.
The Nissan Juke gets a special edition with the Juke Enigma
06 Jan 2021
The Juke Enigma receives new styling upgrades, bigger wheels and a unique decal pack, and to top it off, Amazon Alexa connectivity with voice recognition.
The new MySkoda app is launched
24 Dec 2020
Skoda continues to consolidate all its previous applications into one app, which involves a simple changeover for users, and is now available iOS and Android.
Launch of Land Transport Industry digital plan for chartered bus services
26 Nov 2020
To spearhead the chartered bus services' sector, LTA, ESG and IMDA have jointly developed the Land Transport Industry Digital Plan for Chartered Bus Services.
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Parking the Volkswagen Touareg with your phone
25 Nov 2020
Using Volkswagen's Park Assist with remote control allows the Touareg to be manoeuvred into any parking space, all with an app on your smartphone.