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The best cars to get if you want to survive an apocalypse
01 May 2020
When the end of days arrives, having a car could prove handy, allowing you to travel while bringing loads of equipment along. But which car should you get?
Clarence Seow, Photos by Editorial Team | 5,633 views | Features
Suzuki Singapore launches online auction
24 Apr 2020
Suzuki launches the Suzuki Super Auction in Singapore, bringing car enthusiasts one step closer to owning their dream car.
Local News | 4,030 views | Suzuki News
The Editorial Team's automotive highlights of 2019
27 Dec 2019
With the year coming to a close, the sgCarMart Editorial Team look back on the year and the 10 standout cars that have delighted us in 2019.
Editorial Team | 8,309 views | Features
Video Review - Suzuki Jimny 1.5 Standard Two-Tone (A)
10 Dec 2019
The Suzuki Jimny may be a cool off-roader that is bound to attract attention everywhere you go.
Julian Kho | 8,198 views | Suzuki Reviews
Car Review - Suzuki Jimny 1.5 Standard Two-Tone (A)
24 Jul 2019
The Suzuki Jimny is a handsome and amiable off-roader that will appeal to a broad audience of adventure seekers in Singapore.
Julian Kho | 30,688 views | Suzuki Reviews
The Singapore launch of the new Suzuki Jimny
27 Apr 2019
Suzuki distributor Champion Motors has officially launched the all new Jimny sport utility vehicle during The Cars @ Expo 2019.
Local News | 10,611 views | Suzuki News
Getting to know the new Suzuki Swift and what's to come next
01 Aug 2018
We sat down for a chat with the Managing Officer and Executive Group Manager of Suzuki to find out more about the new Swift, and also what's next for the brand.
Idris Talib, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 11,075 views | Features
First official images of the new Suzuki Jimny unveiled
21 Jun 2018
Suzuki has unveiled the first official images of its new, fourth generation Jimny small sport utility vehicle, which boasts off-road capabilities.
The new Suzuki Jimny Adventure Special Edition
14 Mar 2016
The new Suzuki Jimny Adventure Special Edition is now on sale with a very limited production run of just 200 units in the U.K.