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Should manufacturers do more with cabin sounds?
16 Nov 2022
In-cabin sounds are becoming more prominent in the driving experience, but should they be used to do more still? We have some ideas.
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Nameplates are getting confused and lost in EV-translation. So are we
15 Nov 2022
Is the EQE a sedan or an SUV? And wait - the e-tron is no longer a model? We try cutting through the naming confusion plaguing our legacy carmakers' EVs lately.
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BMW flagships: The circularity of luxury, today and beyond
14 Nov 2022
More than just pushing the envelope of high-tech luxury, BMW's 7-badged luxury models also reach for a new standard of sustainability.
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These are some of the best RWD cars in Singapore right now
19 Oct 2022
Rear-wheel driven cars are wonderful to drive, with a great balance and possible hooliganism on the road. Here are some options you can have in Singapore today.
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Who says you can't own an awesome sedan in Singapore? Here are some you get for less than 160k today
23 Sep 2022
Getting your hands on a brand new high-performance sedan seems impossible now, but what about a used one? We list down seven of the best...
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6 worst features on new cars that we can certainly live without
21 Sep 2022
New cars come with the latest and greatest features, right? Well, perhaps not. Here are six features on new cars that we'd much rather do without.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming and Manufacturer | 12,118 views | Features
Cars we want to see revived before the world goes all-electric
09 Sep 2022
These are some long lost cars that we would love to see make one last appearance before the world goes all-electric!
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These are some of the best colours you can get on a car right from the factory
07 Sep 2022
Cars are offered in many colours, and these are some of the prettiest in our opinion. You may want to get your car resprayed after seeing them!
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The eight best-looking SUVs you can consider buying right now
02 Sep 2022
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, or at least that's what we've been told. Here, we list down the top eight best-looking SUVs you can buy today.
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These are some of the upcoming cars we cannot wait to get our hands on
19 Aug 2022
Cars can either make or break our day, especially in a job like ours. Here are some upcoming cars we can't wait to drive, just to make our day more interesting.
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Why buy hot hatches when you can buy these two-door sports cars?
15 Aug 2022
Hot hatches have always been our favourite type of cars, but aren't there any other types of cars that can better them? Well, perhaps these cars here will...
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Here are some of the sexiest sedans you can still own in Singapore now
08 Aug 2022
Cars need not be new to be sexy. Here are some of the sexiest sedans you can get in Singapore right now and, yes, the price to pay for sexy isn't low.
Julian Kho | 8,024 views | Features
Iconic vintage cars available in Singapore that are worth investing in... and keeping
22 Jul 2022
Everything vintage seems worth investing in these days, and cars are no exception. Here are some iconic vintage cars that are worth investing in and keeping.
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Here are some of the best three-cylinder cars you can buy in Singapore right now!
20 Jul 2022
The advancement of technology has allowed cars to run smoothly and efficiently with just three cylinders. Here are some of the best three-pot cars you can have.
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Seven hard to find current car models that enthusiasts like
14 Jul 2022
There are many pre-owned cars available, but certain models preferred by petrolheads are hard to come by. Here are several examples.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 16,248 views | Features