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These are the 7 best factory designed rims to be ever put on a car
05 Oct 2022
A delicious set of rims are always essential in rounding up the look of a car. Here are the seven best factory designed rims to ever exist.
Nigel Fong, Photos by Wikipedia, Netcarshow and Reddit | 4,125 views | Features
These are some of the best colours you can get on a car right from the factory
07 Sep 2022
Cars are offered in many colours, and these are some of the prettiest in our opinion. You may want to get your car resprayed after seeing them!
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Tecky Photoworks, Google, Reddit, Manufacturers | 10,938 views | Features
We gather six cars that wear Bridgestone tyres from the factory
02 Dec 2019
We check out six different cars that have Bridgestone tyres fitted as standard from the factory, meeting the stringent standards of car manufacturers.
Idris Talib | 10,763 views | Features
Porsche's very own electric dream
25 Sep 2019
We speak to Porsche Asia Pacific's Managing Director Arthur Willmann on his thoughts about the Porsche Taycan and the electric future of the brand.
Julian Kho in Frankfurt, Germany | 15,256 views | Features
Porsche Taycan's new factory: All you need to know about it
18 Sep 2019
Porsche has officially opened the doors of its new Taycan factory in Zuffenhausen. Here are some cool things you need to know about it.
Julian Kho in Zuffenhausen, Germany | 14,737 views | Features
Porsche opens its new factory for the electric Taycan sports car
13 Sep 2019
Porsche has officially opened its new factory for the all new, all-electric Taycan sports car - just in time for this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.
Julian Kho in Zuffenhausen, Germany | 16,848 views | Features
Skoda's long road to success
14 Jun 2018
Driving two half-century old Skoda cars presented the perfect opportunity to chart the brand's complicated history and burgeoning success.
Desmond Chan in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic | 8,856 views | Features
Garage R's art of performance
07 Jul 2016
Motorsports and performance kingpin Garage R has set its sights on conquering the PI market and here's why it has all the right ingredients for success.
Text by Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 15,279 views | Features
The questions and answers behind Nexen's big expansion
13 Mar 2015
Nexen Tire Corporation aims to produce some 21 million tyres in 2018 when plans for further expansion are completed. We find out more about its huge ambitions.
Julian Kho in Changnyeong, South Korea | 10,137 views | Features
Nexen Tire Corporation has one of the most advanced tyre factories
13 Mar 2015
Located in Changnyeong area in Korea lies Nexen Tire Corporation's most advanced two-year old, 500,000 square metres big factory.
Julian Kho in Changnyeong, South Korea | 11,583 views | Features
What it takes to make an ES
07 Nov 2013
How does Lexus breathe life into its models, in particular the new ES? We find out more from the very people from the Lexus Kyushu Plant.
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 6,780 views | Features