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Toyota provides interest-free payments for cars
21 Apr 2020
Toyota launches the 'Toyota Exclusive Online Purchase' which provides three months of interest-free payments on popular models.
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Loophole in regulations still allow up to 90% loan on the purchase price
05 Aug 2019
Registering a company continues to allow individuals to legally obtain a 90% car loan, although current loan curbs require at least a 40% cash down payment.
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Car dealers warn of two men making bogus purchases
26 Jan 2019
Two men, who looked to be in their 20s, entered the showrooms and offered to buy cars with cheques that were later cancelled.
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Nonda products available for purchase through MyCarForum Marketplace
05 Dec 2018
Nonda, the leader in app-enabled automotive accessories, is now available for purchase through the MyCarForum Marketplace.
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Seat revolutionises the way new cars are purchased
13 Aug 2018
Seat has designed a simplified purchasing process, with just three steps to choose a new car, responding to changing consumer habits.
CASE launches SAFE Checklist for pre-owned car purchases
19 Mar 2017
The Consumers Association of Singapore has launched a SAFE Checklist in light of the high number of complaints regarding car defects on pre-owned cars.
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Off-Peak Pass for public transport available for purchase
29 May 2015
Commuters can get their hands on an Off-Peak Pass from 28th of June. They costs $80 while senior citizen and persons with disabilities can get the pass for $40.
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Singapore citizens form majority of new car buyer demographic
09 Oct 2014
Singapore citizens make up the bulk of new car purchases while residents tend to lean towards larger models under Category B COE.
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More car distributors offering leasing options
14 Aug 2013
More local car distributors are offering leasing options to counter the high initial costs posed by financing curbs.
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Rolling out new deals to entice vehicle buyers
29 May 2013
In a bid to woo more buyers, automotive companies are getting creative and are rolling out new deals to counter the cooling measures.
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MAS extends loan restrictions to all entities that finance car purchases
05 Apr 2013
Car loan restrictions imposed by MAS will be lifted for 60 days and restrictions will be extended to all financial entities.
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Loopholes to close in new financing restrictions
05 Mar 2013
In a move to close loopholes in the new financing restrictions, the Government is set to review the Hire Purchase Act.
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Study reveals fuel efficient cars to be worth more
26 Feb 2013
According to a study by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, fuel efficient cars are worth the higher purchase price because of potential savings at the pumps.
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Audi purchases an extremely rare Silver Arrows racing car
16 Aug 2012
Audi has recently repurchased a rare 1939 Auto Union Silver Arrows racing car. With the purchase, Audi now owns three out of the five original racers.
Spyker completes purchase of Saab from GM
03 Mar 2010
Spyker Cars has completed the purchase of Swedish carmaker from General Motors, in a deal worth US$74 million