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A first for small cars: New Volkswagen Polo available with IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist
31 May 2021
With the new Polo, one of the world's first superminis capable of partially automated driving is now coming onto the market.
COE prices for cars rise as market anticipates a smaller quota
21 Mar 2019
COE prices finished mostly higher in the latest tender as the market anticipates a smaller supply of COEs starting in May.
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Smaller train cars for Jurong Region Line to navigate tight curves
11 May 2018
The future Jurong Region Line will use specially-designed carriages, which are smaller in size than those found on other MRT lines.
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First year's service for smallest Rolls-Royce
20 Apr 2018
Rolls-Royce is delighted to announce that its smallest model ever, the Rolls-Royce SRH, has just completed its first-year service.
Drop in COE price revs up interest in smaller cars
11 Sep 2017
Following a record-low drop in Cat A COE premiums last tender, foot traffic at car showrooms has increased by 30 to more than 100 percent over the weekend.
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Electric cars given small kick-start with LTA tax revision
30 Jun 2017
The Land Transport Authority has decided to reduce the carbon emission factor of electric cars by 20 percent, it announced on Friday 30th June.
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The biggest unveil for the smallest Rolls-Royce - The Rolls-Royce SRH
02 Mar 2017
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has unveiled its smallest car ever, the Rolls-Royce SRH, specially made for the St. Richard's Hospital Day Surgery Unit in the U.K.
COE prices for small cars and commercial vehicles fall
20 Oct 2016
At the end of October's second Certificate of Entitlement bidding exercise, there is a drop in premiums for small cars and commercial vehicles.
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Volvo provides the first look at its new range of small cars
21 May 2016
Volvo has unveiled two new 40 series concept models that marks the official launch of its global small-car strategy.
COE prices for small cars at five-month low
05 Feb 2015
Prices of car and commercial vehicle certificates of entitlement (COE) ended lower in the latest tender yesterday on the back of a larger supply of certificate.
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Toyota takes big steps towards a smaller carbon footprint
22 Dec 2014
Toyota's commitment to building cleaner cars is matched by its determination to cut the carbon footprint of its business operations.
COE premiums record small changes as demand for small cars remain strong
05 Nov 2014
The first bidding exercise in November ended with demand for Cat A staying strong, while premiums for big car COEs took a dip.
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Renewed interest in Cat A cars after increased activity in showrooms
06 Oct 2014
Interest in the new car segment has increased significantly in the past month - particularly for models under the COE Category A segment.
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Dealers cite curbs in car loan for rise in sale of cheaper cars
06 Aug 2014
The stringent car loan restrictions introduced last year is cited as a primary reason to the increase in the number of cars under Cat A COE.
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Small cars get increased COE supply from August
16 Jul 2014
The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) quotas for the period between August to October 2014 will be reduced by six percent to 11,331.
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