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Nearly half a million Tesla Model 3 and Model S sedans are being recalled over safety issues
31 Dec 2021
This marks the largest-ever vehicle recall by Tesla, although its scale still pales in comparison to the recalls we've seen from bigger carmakers.
More than 75,000 vehicles recalled due to airbag system flaw
06 Jun 2015
The LTA said dealerships here are still establishing the number of vehicles requiring attention, as there is a large number of vehicles affected globally.
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BMW issues recall exercise for more than 156,000 vehicles in the U.S.A
11 Apr 2014
BMW said it would voluntarily recall more than 156,000 vehicles in the United States, citing issues with its VANOS variable camshaft timing system.
Toyota issues second largest recall exercise affecting 6.39 million vehicles
11 Apr 2014
Toyota has announced its second largest recall announcement on Wednesday - affecting 6.39 million vehicles around the world.
Volkswagen asked to recall vehicles in China
18 Mar 2013
The consumer quality agency in China is urging German auto maker Volkswagen to recall vehicles with a gearbox defect that could lead to engine power failures.
Honda recalls large number of vehicles due to brake problem
15 Mar 2013
Honda has issued a global recall for 250,000 vehicles due to a braking problem including models from Acura. None from Singapore are affected.
BMW recalls 235,500 MINI vehicles due to fire hazard
19 Jan 2012
German automaker BMW has launched a global recall of 235,500 MINI vehicles due to possible overheating of electronic circuit boards.
Chrysler to recall 11,000 vehicles for steering problems
21 Jun 2011
Chrysler is recalling over 11,000 vehicles for a possible missing or incorrectly installed steering column part that could result in loss of steering capability
Toyota recalls yet more vehicles for potential floor mat interference
26 Feb 2011
Toyota's woes continues when the Japanese carmaker announced yet another major recall exercise, this time pertaining to their floor mats potentially entrapping the accelerator pedal
Toyota to recall almost 1.7 million vehicles worldwide for possible fuel leak
28 Jan 2011
Toyota is announcing a recall of nearly 1.7 million vehicles globally for a potential problem with the pump system that might cause fuel leaks
Dodge recalls over 144,000 vehicles for various issues
05 Jan 2011
Dodge is issuing three separate recall exercises over various issues, with the affected models being the Journey crossover and the Ram trucks
Yet more vehicle recalls announced in the United States
21 Dec 2010
Chrysler and Volkswagen are the latest manufacturers to issue recalls for their vehicles in the United States, with nearly 600,000 cars affected
Nissan recalls 2.14 million vehicles around the globe
03 Nov 2010
It seems like a trend, doesn't it?
Recalled: Chrysler is recalling 26,397 vehicles
27 Oct 2010
It seems that a faulty power steering line could cause an engine fire
Tesla recalling its Roadsters over fire hazard
17 Oct 2010
Tesla is recalling 439 of its electric Roadster 2.0 and 2.5 models due to an issue with a faulty cable which might be a potential fire hazard