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The new BMW X4 xDrive20i has all the beauty of a fastback coupe with the utilitarianism that an SUV would offer.

26 Nov 2018

BMW shocked the world with the X6 when it came out over 10 years ago and it quickly became a hit. Aside from its SUV abilities such as increased ride height as well as four-wheel drive, the Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) looked like nothing any manufacturer had put out before, with it's striking coupe-like proportions.

The car you see here is like the little brother of the X6. Dubbed the X4, the first generation model was launched in Singapore back in 2014. Now, we get behind this all new second generation model to see how it fares.

So is it a tapered down X3?

You could argue that it is, as the X4 is built on the same platform as the BMW X3. But it isn't just chopping the roof line and some nip-n-tuck all around.

The kidney grille on the X4 is huge and gives off a menacing look

The X4 gives off a rather menacing look, with its extra large kidney grille that takes centre stage up front.

Couple that with its big, muscular shoulders, it is almost like BMW got the X4 to spend some time in the gym.

It's certainly a working formula, as we experienced road hoggers in the fast lane promptly giving way when this mighty Bavarian came up from behind fast.

The much improved rear end is helped by the very cool looking rear taillights

The rear end, like the front, has been largely improved from the outgoing X4. It now has slim, tapered taillights that resemble something on the 8 Series Coupe.

How is it like on the inside?

On the inside, the plush cabin is standard routine BMW. It does not benefit from the newer interior of the new BMW X5, but it manages to remain very purposeful and easy to use.

The red seats definitely bring about the X4's sporty nature and offers a good driving position, which helps as visibility through the rear is a little restricted due to its fastback shape.

The interior is nicely put together with its red seats that compliment the sportiness of the X4

The lumbar support that comes in the X4 keeps you well-placed in your seat, and it helped during the long drive up as it kept us away from fatigue.

The low, sloping roofline does mean that rear headroom is compromised, but you'd be hard pressed to find any fault with the space. It is surprisingly roomy and will fit three in the rear with no issues.

You also won't be having any issues with the user-friendly and comprehensive iDrive system. With the X4, it comes with ConnectedDrive, which offers a personal butler where you can call and ask to set the GPS, or even ask for the latest showtimes in your local cinema. 

You can literally call someone to set your GPS up through ConnectedDrive, which is a nice personal touch

Does it drive like a typical SUV?

On the move, the X4 is certainly a driver's car. It handles unlike your typical, floaty SUV - it's sharp, precise, and ready to attack any corners you give it. 

The 2.0-litre turbocharged lump in the X4 xDrive20i is just about enough to get this big Bavarian moving

The car doesn't roll about in bends and has the sort of tactfulness you will expect from a coupe. It doesn't complain when being pushed hard, either. The eight-speed automatic catches on throttle inputs quickly and gracefully, without throwing any tantrums.

An example would be on the highway when the gearbox is settled in the highest gear. Floor it and it drops gears very quickly back into the powerband, allowing you to speed off without a hitch.

The engine, although down on power, is enough to get the X4 going. At 181bhp, you really have to thank the gearbox for all the

The quick-shifting torque converter automatic does a great job at keeping pace

Should I get one?

Despite being one step below the xDrive30i and soon to be introduced M40i, there is really a lot to like about this X4 xDrive20i.

So if you're in the market for an SUV, and would like to stand out, your best bet is to get something that has the capability of doing more and looking good at the same time, more so as the popularity of SUVs grow.

Just don't scare road hoggers too much like what we did, though.
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Car Information

There's a promotion for BMW X4


: $229,888

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve TwinPower Turbocharged

Engine Cap





135kW (181 bhp) / 6500 rpm



290 Nm / 4250 rpm



8-speed (A) Steptronic

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


13.6 km/L