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Peugeot has updated its 3008 crossover with more power and a new transmission, making sure its top seller remains to be a great family proposition.

27 May 2019

Including this car, we've done four different reviews of the current generation Peugeot 3008 in over two years. A diesel and two petrol variants - the 1.2-litre e-THP Active and the 1.6-litre e-THP Allure.

While the diesel variant never made it for sale, the petrol variants will be phased out soon for this updated 1.6-litre PureTech Allure variant.

It looks the same, doesn't it?

There is nothing wrong with the 3008's quirky looks, in fact, it still looks as fresh as it did two years ago. Given its proven good looks, there are no surprises that no nip and tuck has been executed on its sheet metal.

The Peugeot 3008 offers quirky good looks in a surprisingly neat and practical package

The changes for the 3008, then, are skin deep. Now, the new 1.6-litre PureTech turbocharged engine punches out more horsepower and torque, mated to a new, Aisin-derived eight-speed automatic transmission.

So same looks and more power, but what about the inside?

Aside from some small updates to the infotainment's functions (you can choose not to fold the wing mirrors when you lock the car), there aren't much changes on the inside.

Its quirky vibe continues on the inside, with a dashboard that flows towards the driver

But much must still be said about the 3008's cabin, as it is a true winner when it comes to interior design.

On the inside, the 3008 trumps most of its competitors with its stylish, avant garde looks. The interesting mix of materials used, such as fabric and soft-touch plastics gives it a more upmarket feel that can even rival more upmarket competitors like the just as quirky Volvo XC40, or the BMW X1.

The combination of fabric and soft-touch plastics in used in the 3008's interior feel high-quality and upmarket

Its beauty is not just all for show, either. The buttons have a nice tactile feel, and the 8.0-inch infotainment display is fluid in operation and easy to use. Peugeot's i-Cockpit digital instrument display can also be customised with various instrument cluster styles.

It scores high on practicality, too. Door pockets are big, and the centre armrest, for example, is deep enough for big water bottles.

Some niggles, however, include the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel, which seem more suited for left-hand drive markets. But you do get quickly accustomed to it, though.

How is it to drive?

And speaking of steering wheels, you will immediately notice how small the 3008's is. But it's not a bad thing as it makes the 3008 feel much nimbler, and makes manoeuvring around tight spots a simple affair.

The small steering wheel is delightful to hold and makes manoeuvring around tight spots a breeze

On the road, the 3008 still manages to be quick on its feet if needed. In this facelift, the bump in power does get the 3008 to move at a more decent pace. The 1.6-litre turbocharged lump up front now puts out 178bhp and 250Nm to the front wheels.

This translates to an 8.8-second century sprint (down from 8.9 seconds), and an increased top speed of 222km/h.

The new eight-speed automatic transmission also gives the 3008 added cruising abilities. With the added bump in torque, the 3008 can cruise comfortably at its highest gear with no complaints.

While the Sport button is very apparent on the centre console, activating it, unfortunately, doesn't translate into all that sporty an affair

While a big Sport button on the centre console and the increased power figures might give some the idea that it's more athletic, the 3008 is still more of a cruiser than a sprinter. It does cruising brilliantly, with Lane Keep and Blind Spot Assist making sure the journey remains to be a smooth and painless one.

Fuel consumption, too, is something the 3008 does pretty well. With some coaxing, we managed 13.4km/L during our time with the car, which isn't shabby for something its size.

The French connection

With this update, the 3008 still remains to be an attractive proposition. It manages to strike a good balance between its Asian and Teutonic rivals in terms of practicality and usability.

The 3008 remains to be a very good proposition for those looking for a crossover

At $157,888 (as of 24 May 2019), it's priced between popular crossovers, too, like the Hyundai Tucson ($140,999) and the BMW X1 ($186,888).

But when it comes to style and grace, the 3008 has that French flair that is hard to beat.

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Car Information

This model is no longer being sold by local distributors


: -

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve Turbocharged

Engine Cap





133kW (178 bhp) / 5500 rpm



250 Nm / 1650 rpm



8-speed (A) EAT8

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


17.5 km/L

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