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The Audi Q2 has received a host of improvements that make it a comfortable and refined crossover to drive around town in.

16 Jul 2021

Facelift (What's New)
1.5-litre four-cylinder with Cylinder on Demand technology
Matrix LED head lights
Redesigned front and rear bumpers as well as a new front grille
Electric tailgate

The Audi Q2 was a bold, style-oriented thing when we last tested it, and it now has now been updated with a host of new tech as well as a new drivetrain.

Is it still the compact crossover that the young and trendy yearn after?

Updated design

There are new rear bumpers that follow the polygon theme of the car, and the iconic blades on the C-pillar has been retained
To start with, the car has got plenty of new design touches. They may not be immediately apparent, but to sum, there's new front and rear bumpers, the section under the head lights have been reshaped, and the front grille has also been lowered and widened.

More easily identified changes include the addition of those faux intake slits at the top of the grille, as well as the use of Audi's LED Matrix head lights, giving the car a new light signature.

Dressed in the Apple Green paint you see here, the car may not exactly standout at the carpark but it certainly is still one chunky and handsome thing to admire.

Step inside and the Q2 continues to offer up on stunning design.

Matrix LED head lights are now standard on the Audi Q2
The gear selector is now the same as that found in the Q3, there are redesigned air-conditioning vents, and new cloth inserts now cover the door cards.

So maybe the cabin has also not changed much visually, but it still is the solidly-built affair we have come to expect from Audi.

You get heavy doors that shut with a reassuring thud, and all the buttons and switches - from those that operate the windows to the air-conditioning dials - provide a level of haptic feedback from the way they click in place. You certainly won't be left wanting for a touchscreen in here.

Rotary push button allows intuitive control of the infotainment system
Speaking of which, you still don't get the firm's latest infotainment software already available even in the smaller Audi A1, but the one in the Q2 is still easy to understand and intuitive to use, aided at large by the physical buttons you get around the rotary pushbutton.

Plus, you still get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, so all your basic entertainment needs will still be well catered to.

All new drivetrain

Thankfully, there are more changes for this Q2 under the bonnet.

The Q2 is now powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder producing 148bhp and 250Nm of torque
A 1.5-litre unit that pushes out 148bhp now rests under there, replacing the old 1.4-litre and 1.0-litre options.

Set out on the road and you'll find it to be a very refined unit.

It's quiet and does not permit much vibrations to pass into the cabin, and with 250Nm of torque at hand from a lowly 1,500rpm, the engine hardly feels strained even when you're darting between traffic.

It is equipped with Audi's Cylinder on Demand technology as well, switching off the second and third cylinders at low loads to help you save fuel without any perceivable interruption to your comfort or the flow of power while you drive. And as tested you should be able to reach a fuel economy close to 10.4km/L.

New electric tailgate opens up to a 405 litre boot
And once you're up to speed, the ride in the Q2 is also top-notch. It's soft and pliant over bumps and ruts while still feeling planted enough for a compact crossover when driven quickly through bends.

Still great

If it is style-driven crossovers you're shopping for, the Audi Q2, at $172,477, is asking for just a bit less than the slightly larger but slightly less powerful MINI Cooper Countryman, which can be yours from $180,888 (all prices as of 15 July 2021).

The Q2 many not be as distinctive as the Countryman just yet, but if it is quiet and refined motoring you're after, this facelifted Q2 will suit you well.
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Car Information



: $193,949

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve Turbocharged

Engine Cap





110kW (148 bhp) / 6000 rpm



250 Nm / 3500 rpm



7-speed (A) S tronic

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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