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Tired of buying the same ride like everyone else? Not willing to void the warranty on your spanking new ride? Well, the hopped-up Evo X you see here comes from the local Mitsubishi showroom and they're selling it with warranty and all. They'll even let you customise your own if you want!

19 Nov 2010

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Nope. This isn't an April Fool's prank. We're wayyyy past April anyway. The local Mitsubishi distributor is really customising their cars to the customer's specification and giving it a warranty! The ride you see here is just an example that the guys at the showroom put together. But if you want, you can specify the parts you'd like to have and the showroom will be more than happy to hook you up. Before we delve more into that, let's talk a little about an Evo I once met™

Evos and WRXs have had a long standing feud since the dawn of time. Much like the ancient rivalry between Man United and Liverpool. To be brutally honest, I'm actually a true blue WRX fan but oddly enough, the maddest car I've ever driven in my short career span as a motoring writer wasn't a WRX but an Evo 9 RS (pictured in gallery) so sinister that just standing next to it will have you peeing in your pants.

Yes, this 800bhp Evo 9 with probably enough torque to move a mountain was THAT scary. Even just sitting in the driver's seat without the engine turned over had me trembling in trepidation of the coming apocalypse. And an apocalyptic chariot it is. I have never known a car with more pent up rage than this matt black machine.

Just the act of turning the engine over is enough to turn most drivers away as the beast attempts to shake you into submission with the vibration from its tightly wound powerplant brimming with angst.

The car is so ear-bleedingly vocal that when it rages to life, the other cars in the parking lot go hysterical! Blaring their alarms in futility (I'm not kidding, it set off car alarms TWICE!).

Driving through the HDB carpark, one can hear the full symphony from the straight-through exhaust reverberating off the buildings.

Now if you're still committed to driving this beast, you will soon realise from the first moment of stepping on its clutch that you're gonna lose your left leg by the end of the day. The sports clutch in this death-dishing machine is so heavy that one would require the thighs of David (& Goliath) to operate it without losing one's ability to walk at the end of the day. My persistence to drive it though left me with an aching leg for two days after the test drive.
Car Information
This model is no longer being sold by local distributors


: -

Engine Type


4-cylinders in-line 16-valves DOHC MIVEC Turbocharged

Engine Cap





209kW (280 bhp)



422 Nm



5-speed (M)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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