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The RX300 was a runaway success for Lexus both in the US and Asian markets. Now, barely a year into its introduction the latest RX350 is seeing its first update. We take the latest facelifted Lexus luxury SUV out for a quick drive...

11 Feb 2011

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For the longest time, the second generation RX300 was the darling of every upmarket suburban housewife/soccer mum from US to across the Atlantic in UK and Asia. To fully dissect the phenomenon, in the US at least for the asking price of the RX300, there wasn't a comparable American SUV that offered the same luxury, driveability and comfort that the RX300 possessed.

Americans unfortunately despite their technical prowess in producing the biggest, baddest and deadliest weapons of war can't seem to transfer that technology to their cars. That's quite a pity actually because for all their eccentricities, the Americans have contributed lots to the advance of mankind's technological grasp on the future.

We're talking about the world's only country to have an entire Aircraft Carrier Battle Group stationed in every ocean in the world at any one time. But it still remains a tragic conundrum why American cars are plagued with cheap plastics and shoddy workmanship. Really, it's more heart wrenching than a Greek tragedy.

Apologies for my digression, but the tragedy of the American auto industry irks me. Nevertheless, the RX series from Lexus has been loved for it's incredible practicality, reliability and versatility plus not forgetting the incredible comfort from its rather smooth speed sensitive damping in its suspension.


The latest RX-series from Lexus seems to have been cast from the same mould no matter the model variant. From the RX270 to the top of the line RX450h, the RX family looks similar if not identical twins of eachother. And that isn't necessarily a bad thing mind you.
Car Information
This model is no longer being sold by local distributors


: -

Engine Type



Engine Cap





204kW (274 bhp)



346 Nm



6-speed (A) ECT

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption



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