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Merc's latest S-Class has been vastly impressive. But will the diesel variant shine too?

26 Feb 2014

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Europeans automakers have, for the most part of time, adhered to a particular styling typeset for a more distinctive 'family look'. BMW has had the twin-grille snout for as long as we can remember, while Audis now bear the signature single frame front grille.

And Mercedes is no exception. The latest S-Class can be recognised as a 'star-bearer' from a distance, with a majestic stance that only the flagship is capable of pulling off.

18-inch rims hint at the diesel's position at the bottom of the model hierarchy (Petrol hybrid gets 19-inchers)  

While the skin is closely linked to the brand's heritage and identity, we can't say the same for its powerplant.

Judging from the number of diesel cars on our roads, oil burners are certainly the more neglected option when it comes to passenger cars.

The S-Class, undoubtedly, is the cream of crop for Mercedes. Still, Merc is convinced that this alternative fuel choice deserves a second chance, with the S350L BlueTEC filling in one of the three initial spots (the others being the S400L Hybrid and the S500L).

Up close and Personal

While the exterior is an organic, progressive improvement over the predecessor, the S-Class' cabin is a huge leap. That is not to say the previous was ill-equipped by any standard, but the latest flagship is simply astonishing.

It is hard not to fall for the instrinsic attention to details, such as the LED ambient lighting and tactile switches that have been tastefully blended into the console's styling.

All-round allowances are more generous than you would have expected too. And such is the wealth of cabin space that you will find even the biggish 12.3-inch multimedia display to be small.

There are seven interchangeable ambient lighting colours to match your everyday mood


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Car Information

This model is no longer being sold by local distributors
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Diesel S350L BlueTEC (A)
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Engine Type


V6 Turbocharged

Engine Cap





190kW (255 bhp)



620 Nm



7G-Tronic Plus (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


17.8 km/L

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