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In making the 570S more accessible, less focused on the pursuit of metrics, McLaren has built a subjectively better car that one can enjoy driving every single day.

06 Jan 2016

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In this new world order where sports cars and supercars rub shoulders, McLaren has introduced its baby 570S into that ambiguous area, seeking to carve a niche for itself. But where exactly does the car fit in the British carmaker's lineup?

Unveiled at the 2015 New York Motor show, the 570S is the first car in the Sports Series range and completes the three-tier model lineup, with the Super Series 650S and 675LT, and the P1 hypercar in the top-of-the-line Ultimate Series.

The coupe shares its DNA with both the 650S and P1, while also using a range of racing technologies that already debuted in previous models. It is part of McLaren's recently announced plans to expand globally, and by the looks of things, this new strategy is off to a great start.

Though less visually dramatic than its siblings, the 570S still possesses an air of drama


Although there's clearly a family face and a commonality in the shape of the glasshouse, virtually everything else about the 570S  is different from its siblings - and the rear is where this car is unique.

Instead of an active rear wing as seen on the 650S, McLaren opted for a fixed rear spoiler lip on this car. The full width carbon fibre rear diffuser is also among the most beautiful we have seen and this helps to make the car very appealing.

P1-inspired nose makes it difficult to tell it from every other McLaren

Overall, it's a slightly more cohesive design than the 650S', with interesting details like the central door sections, or what McLaren calls 'tendons', that appear to float in mid air.

Despite its positioning as the 'baby' McLaren, the 570S is actually 18mm longer, 2mm wider but 1mm lower than the 650S. However, thanks to clever packaging by designers, the car looks smaller and more compact than its elder brother.

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