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Are you suffering from uncontrollable outbursts of rage while driving? Alter your behavior to new, positive responses with hypnotherapy.

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Driving can be stressful. The roads are busier than ever and many people feel tense as soon as they step into the car. If another driver cuts you, makes a mistake or slows you down, it's easy to feel frustrated. But for some drivers that emotional reaction can burst out of control and result in hostile reactions toward other drivers. This is call road rage.

Road rage occurs on the road when drivers see, feel and then act unpleasantly and even illegally. The reaction is usually followed by anger, aggressive driving, tailgating, rude gestures that could endanger themselves and others if left unchecked.

Hypnotherapy and Anger Management

Road rage can happen at any time. The focus should be drawn to the loss of perspective and control instead of the situation. The reality is that not everyone drives to the same standard, and to act angrily or violently to something you have to deal with every day is not only unhealthy but dangerous too.

Hypnotherapy helps drivers explore the triggers that lead to road rage and eliminate them through the subconscious. The use of hypnotherapy is like a button that switches off that automatic reaction, something which tells your brain everything is normal and there is no need to feel provoked. When you visit a hypnotherapist, you will learn how to manage your stress level, anger and emotions more effectively.

Hypnotherapy sessions last between four and six weeks, with each session running for an hour. In order for the therapy to be successful and effective, drivers must recognise they have a problem and are open to receiving help.

"Their spouses, partners and friends can encourage them to visit a hypnotherapist but those who attend therapy must do so on their own free will. If they are forced to attend, the sessions will not be successful," explains Sandy Hui, a hypnotherapist at ONE Hypnosis. "Hypnotherapy is not magic. You have to help yourself too."


During therapy sessions, drivers learn to overcome their rage tendencies through several methods, which include self hypnosis. This is taught to empower drivers as once they leave the care of their hypnotherapist they are on their own. As every driver is different, the hypnotherapist will tailor the methods to meet the client's individual needs. Maintenance sessions are also available with the hypnotherapist if the driver feels he needs more time to overcome his issues.

"One technique taught to drivers is to ask them to rethink anger-provoking situations and substitute them with a calming scenario or feeling to overcome their uncontrollable state of mind. It's very difficult to get angry when you're concentrating on something, because anger is a trance state and you're actively stopping yourself going into trance," says Sandy. "Keep in mind that, unless you are a police officer, it is not your job to punish others for poor driving, and remember that safety is your number one concern."

FIVE Tips to take the edge off your driving experience

Remember, you may be angry at someone or something else, but that anger is an internal thing - it is in you and the rage is in you. You must address your emotion properly as your own safety and health is also at risk. If you can change the way you react and do things positively, you can enjoy a wonderful, pleasant and productive experience on the road. Here are five tips to prevent your driving related outbursts:

1) Breathing Techniques: Take a deep breath, hold it to a count five, and release. Do it several times to reduce the tension gripping your body. Picture the stress, anxiety and tension filling up your lungs, and blow them out of your body when you exhale.

2) Avoid aggravating situations: Are you late for work for work or an appointment? Don't feel worried. Avoid driving somewhere likely to have traffic. Make a habit of leaving up to a half hour early. Put your mind at ease and the traffic is easier to deal with. Plan alternate routes to avoid joining the traffic mess. Each person has their own triggers for road rage situations, and it can be useful to avoid the stressful situation.

3) Posting Affirmations: Post stickers of affirmations on your dashboard, and one on the wheel, right where you would press the horn. Write: "I am calm because that is good for me. The one on the horn reads: "Think before you act."

4) Preparing for the critical time: Put a CD with relaxing music, and a bottle of water in your car at all times. When things get hectic, put on the CD, and drink some water. Keep something in your compartment as a stress reliever such as stress balls, string beads or anything that you enjoy holding during jams. You can also hum or whistle to a tune or memorise poetry or recite a lyric or a prayer: You can also think of pleasant colours such as blue, green to evoke a feeling of calmness. The idea is not to let your mind slip over into road rage.

5) Mindset: You have seen a hypnotherapist, and you continue to practice self-hypnosis to deal with anger issues in your life. Repeat these words to yourself: "A lot of things that were bothering me now simply don't."

Happy Driving.

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