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There are ample power boxes in the market that claim to enhance your car's power and torque delivery. But is that really true? We take a look at some of them.

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ECU - the brain of the engine

The ECU of a car acts like a management system, playing important roles in controlling the amount of fuel injected into the cylinders, air to fuel ratio, ignition timing, idling speed of the engine etc.

In recent cars, the ECU is also tasked to handle more advanced electronics such as controlling variable valve timing and valve control.

ECU tuning - differences between Chip tuning and Tuning Box

Altering the ECU can dramatically change the characteristics of the car, such as performance and fuel efficiency. Generally, there are two types of ECU tuning available in the market, namely Tuning Box (also known as Piggyback ECU) and Chip Tuning.

The former is an external device which sends overriding messages to the car's ECU for enhanced performance. Chip tuning, as the name suggests, works simply by altering the car's engine management program, thus doing without the need for any additional hardware.

While both options are largely available in the market, chip tuning offers less versatility. For instance, when the car is returned to the workshop for engine diagnosis, the reworked program may be deleted and reverted to the original, rendering the update useless.

Tuning Boxes, on the other hand, can be disconnected from the car during servicing and re-connected thereafter, thus saving the hassle of a complete re-mapping or a re-purchase.
Introduction to Tuning Box

In essence, tuning box is a series of control units which work on the communication system between the ECU and sensing units in the engine. These units connect to the existing wiring of the vehicle, and send over-riding signals to the ECU to allow fuel injectors or common rail to inject more fuel in certain circumstances for better performance. They can also increase the turbo pressure to maintain an optimum air/fuel ratio.

Purpose of Tuning Box

By altering the car's ECU, tuning box can radically change the performance, such as power and torque output, and even improve the fuel efficiency.

Tuning box is suitable for owners who are looking to increase their car's performance without having to extensively modify their ride. Currently, there are a large variety of tuning boxes in the tuning market.

While each promises a different degree of enhancements to the car's performance, it is important to select one that is safe for use with your ride.

Could Ecutech Power Box be your solution?
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