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ways to get good fortune and 'car-ma' this Lunar New Year

Was 2017 a bad year for you? Here are the best ways to chase away your bad juju with your car, based on your zodiac sign, this Lunar New Year.

Text & Photos | Anthony Lim
Spring cleaning, buying new clothes, getting a fresh hair cut and giving out ang paos aren't the only steps you can take to bring good fortune. This Lunar New Year, we've teamed up with the Way Fengshui Group and Rolls-Royce to bring you a breakdown of the best ways to chase away your bad juju with your car, based on your zodiac sign.
Most auspicious Rabbit Horse Rooster
How are these lucky numbers and colours calculated?

In order to make sense of each zodiac's lucky number and colours, we first have to understand the concept of the Six Unions.

Here's what you need to know:

Each zodiac has a 'union' and 'conflict' with another zodiac sign

Rat-Ox, Tiger-Pig, Rabbit-Dog, Dragon-Rooster, Snake-Monkey, Horse-Goat
Rat-Horse, Ox-Goat, Tiger-Monkey, Rabbit-Rooster, Dragon-Dog, Snake-Pig

Each zodiac has an assigned number from 1 to 12

Each zodiac's lucky number is the number assigned to its 'union' zodiac. For example, the Rat's 'union' is the Ox, which is assigned the number 2. So the Rat's lucky number is 2, and vice versa.

Generally, the more of your lucky number present in your car plate, the more good fortune you'll have. For example, a '2222' number plate is considered luckier for a Rat than a '22' number plate.

Each zodiac belongs to one of five elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

Elements and their colours:
  • Wood - Brown
  • Fire - Red and Orange
  • Earth - Yellow, Grey and Brown
  • Metal - White and Gold
  • Water - Blue and Black
An illustration Rooster/metal
Auspicious numbers

Zodiac-specific lucky numbers aren't the only ones that can bring you good fortune. Find out how auspicious your car plate number is by adding each number up and cross-referencing it with this table.
Auspicious number

Sum up the following numbers: your telephone number, house unit number and car serial number.
You can then check the forecast in the "Table on 81 Auspicious/Inauspicious".
Telephone number: 6338 3800
Calculation: 6+3+3+8+3+8+0+0
Total sum: 31(Very Auspicious)