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The digitalisation of the vehicle transfer process is not the only change from LTA, read on to find out what exactly are the changes planned.

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While it may seem like a massive change to LTA's systems, it really isn't an unexpected one. Looking back, LTA has been phasing out physical documents in favour of digital, online systems for quite some time.

By digitalising, many processes are now much simpler, convenient and reliable.

Since 2006, cars are no longer issued with a physical log card
However, there remain some who attest to the significance of physical documents, such as how only the actual, hard-copy vehicle log card can instil a true sense of ownership of a car - something they believe a digital document can never achieve.

Nonetheless, with the advancement in technology, going paperless is clearly the way forward.

Why digitalise?

The simple answer will be that it is a step forward, and that most things are done online in current times. However, digitalising services is not just to keep up with times, it also provides vast improvements in convenience and safety.

One.Motoring offers a wide range of services conveniently
Platforms such as One.Motoring are able to handle high volume transactions and offer secured transactions through multiple payment channels such as eNETS, Diners Club, GIRPO and GIRO-On-Demand, as well as kiosk payment services that are secured with digital services.

They also allow integration between systems across LTA and their industry partners by facilitating the distribution of sensitive user information.

By digitalising, many processes can also be automated, greatly improving efficiency. By removing hardcopy documents, fraudulent behaviour can also be minimised as forgery will not be possible.

Highlights of the digitalisation of LTA services

2000 - One.Motoring - One-stop centre for all motoring needs in Singapore was conceptualised

2006 - Official launch of One.Motoring

2006 - Cars registered after 1 March 2006 are no longer issued a physical log card

2009 - e-Day licence is introduced, improving convenience for Off-Peak car drivers

2017 - Road tax discs are phased out

2018 - Vehicle transfer and deregistration processes are now digitalised

2018 - Foreign-registered cars and motorcycles can apply for vehicle entry permit through One.Motoring

2019 - Hardcopy letters from LTA will be replaced with e-letters and notification sent to your One.Motoring Dashboard

2020 - LTA will adopt an appointment-based system for counter services

Statutory notices such as summonses, which are mandated by law, will continue to be sent in hardcopy
What's new this time round?

You would have seen our article on the digitalisation of the vehicle ownership transfer process from 26 November 2018. That was just a portion of LTA's latest foray towards digitalisation of their services.

From 1 June 2019 onwards, hardcopy letter and emails from LTA will be replaced with e-letters on your One.Motoring Dashboard, and you will receive an SMS alert each time you receive a new e-letter.

Only statutory notices such as summonses, which are mandated by law, will continue to be sent in hardcopy.

Furthermore you can also access a wide range of services through your One.Motoring dashboard, including checking your vehicle IU label number, full details of your vehicles, buying e-Day license, enquire on fines and notices among many other services.
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