Trusted Parallel Importers in Singapore with 30 years (or more) of experience
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The best way to mitigate the risks involved with purchasing a Parallel Imported car is to turn to a reputable and established company. Here's a few of them.

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If you're thinking of getting a Parallel Imported car, one of the safest things to do to help you with your decision-making process is to shortlist established Parallel Importers in Singapore. Established meaning how long they've been in business. The longer they've been around generally can be equated to said Parallel Importers doing something right and making their customers happy - because, without customers, the business would fail obviously.

Before you rush off to check every single Parallel Importer's registration date on ACRA, I need to warn you that it's an extremely tedious task. How do I know? Because the team and I did the research, so you don't have to. You're welcome!

Hong Seh

Hong Seh is a specialist in performance luxury and electric vehicles such as Tesla
Year registered: 1968

Why are they special: Hong Seh specialises in performance luxury and electric vehicles. It even provide an exclusive indent service for both highly sought after and rare collector car models.

Located at Alexandria Road, you'll find that with Hong Seh, you don't have to travel to various locations to care for your car. It has a showroom, workshop and car leasing centre all located under one roof!

Hua Yang Enterprise

Hua Yang is the first used car company here to be accredited with the ISO 9002 Certification, back in 1999
Year registered: 1984

Why are they special: It is the first used car company in Singapore to be accredited the prestigious ISO 9002 Certification in 1999 and ISO 9001 in 2000. To give a little perspective, the ISO certification is like a Michelin Star.

Hua Yang Group is a one-stop automobile trading company that provides Singapore's motoring population with both new and pre-owned vehicles, vehicle valuation, maintenance and customer after-sales support.

Jack Cars

With Casetrust accreditation, you can shop with Jack Cars with peace of mind
Year registered: 1984

Why are they special: Besides being a Casetrust accredited company (only awarded to dealers that have good business practices and standards), Jack Cars also provides its customers with a lifetime free car concierge service. It will take your car for servicing and grooming and send it back to you free-of-charge!

Jack Cars has a wide variety of car make and models be it new or pre-owned at affordable prices. As a direct importer without any middleman, customers can enjoy the benefit of paying less for more.

Leco Auto

Not only does Leco import premium SUVs like the Land Cruiser Prado, they also have their own export department
Year registered: 1975

Why are they special: Leco Auto happens to be one of the very few car dealers who brought in the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado to Singapore. This premium SUV is a worldwide legend and is known to be one of the most competent SUVs ever made!

Leco Auto also has its very own export department which means they can afford to give you slightly more for your car if you choose to export it.

Prime Motor & Leasing

Prime Motor & Leasing has been an sgCarMart Premium Dealer for 8 years! Testament to their excellent service
Year registered: 1993

Why are they special: Prime Motor & Leasing has been a sgCarMart Premium Dealer for 8 years running (2012 to present). The Premium Dealer award is only given to car dealerships that have a stellar business record with little to no complaints made against them.

Prime Motor & Leasing specialises in the export of motor vehicles if you ever feel that your car has reached the end of its shelf life.


Vincar's huge inventory of over 100 different models means there's surely a car for you
Year registered: 1989

Why are they special: Vincar might be the newest Parallel Importer in this list, but it comes with the biggest hearts and car options to choose from too!

With 100 over models, Vincar boasts a huge showroom in the heart of Leng Kee that will turn any car enthusiast into a kid in a toy store. It imports both new and pre-owned cars in Singapore. If you thought that that's all it does, think again. It also provides leasing, trade-ins, consignment and financing services for its customers.

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